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Should I pierce my nose again? The first time I did, 2 years ago, I got a huge piercing bump filled with pus. I tried everything but it only got worse. it got so bad i decided to just take out the piercing and let it close and heal.


Answer 1

Emily Vivienne, Professional Body and Dermal Piercer as of March 2020


I am a professional piercer, only qualified as of late March.


Your piercing didn’t go wrong ! You had hyper-granulation scarring. These are easily fixed now with a product called “no-pull piercing”.


We are able to use little discs now to reduce and take away the scarring.


The only other possibility to this is that your operator possibly cross contaminated her station ( equipment ) and some things may have been out of date or not sterilized properly.


And one word of advice, do not get your nose pierced with a gun ! They can not be sterilized only wiped over, you are piercer with a blunt ended butterfly jeweler piece usually. This can cause blunt force trauma and shatter your cartilage and ‘deflate’ your nose. Be sure to always be pierced with needles


Answer 2

I think that happens to most people when they pierce their nose. It happened to me and I had a big pus filled bump on my nose as well, but it went away after I started to make an aspirin paste and put it on the bump. You can definitely try again and if the bump shows up just buy some aspirin, crush it, add a drop or two of water or rubbing alcohol, and leave it on overnight.


Answer 3

I’m just gonna go with no.


Huge bump filled with pus? No.


Maybe I am biased, but in my ER days I did see my fair share of “unfortunate piercings gone wrong.”

Why does my jewelry stick out?

Nostril screws are initially bent to fit your nose and your piercing during the healing process. This means that the jewelry, at first, will be slightly larger in order to accommodate for swelling. This may cause the screw to protrude from the base of the nose. Press-fit barbells must also be longer initially to account for swelling.

If you find your nostril screw sticking out, or the ends flip down after getting the piercing, give it a week; this will often resolve itself. If the jewelry is still loose and uncomfortable after that time, stop in and see your piercer. He or she can sometimes tighten the nostril screw without removing it so that it will better stay in place but will still allow for healthy healing. Once the piercing is completely healed, you can have it bent for the perfect close, custom fit you are looking for, or go for a shorter post altogether.

How long does usually it take for a nose piercing to heal?

Answer 1

Nose-Piercings.Com ( )

It's very important to follow the aftercare tips provided by your piercer. You've placed your trust in him or her to perform the piercing, and so you should accept that person's expertise. Don't alter your care regimen just because your best friend says she did things differently.


The Best Nose Piercing Healing Tips...


You should touch your piercing as little as possible. But when you must touch it, use clean hands. Always wash them first! And don't let other people touch your piercing. If someone reaches for it, simply tell them it can't be touched for six weeks. You don't know where their hands have been!


Cleanse your piercing regularly with an antimicrobial or antibacterial soap. Antimicrobial soaps work better because they eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Look for brand names such as Provon, Hibiclens, or Satin antimicrobial skin cleansers in your local pharmacy or at your piercing boutique. If you can't find one of them, opt for an antibacterial product such as Dial you can also try to speed up your nose piercing healing with Almay's Hypo-Care. Soaps with high content of dyes and scents can irritate your piercing.


You can more tips at this source; nose piercings

Answer 2

Lou Stoilas, Professional piercer since 1995 ( )

It depends by what you mean "close up" and how long you've had the piercing.


If a piercing is fairly new, once the jewelry is removed the pressure on the walls of your piercing from your jewelry is gone, so the piercing will start to squeeze closed. This could make it difficult to reinsert jewelry into the piercing within minutes. If there is an issue with reinserting the jewelry on your own, a reputable body piercer should be able to get it in for you without too much issue if you get to them within a day or two from the time the jewelry was removed. If you wait longer than a few days to visit a piercer to have the jewelry reinserted, then your piercing may have already started healing closed. This is because a new piercing that is less than 6 months old (or even up to a year) is still healing, so when the tissue squeezes down and the sides start touching each other, they will start connecting and healing closed.


If a piercing has been there for a while, like a year or so, then you may be able to remove it for brief periods of time. How long really depends on your specific piercing and body.


An important thing to note is that removing and reinserting jewelry into a piercing, even if it is healed, can lead to irritation and issues with your piercing.


Now, if you were talking about removing your piercing because you don't want it and you want it to heal closed. Then no one can really predict, because different people with different diets and in different climates will heal differently. Just remove it and keep cleaning the inside and outside for a bit to make sure you're removing anything that may accumulate by the piercing and it should eventually close up.


Answer 3

Cassie Schmidt, I am a Licensed Professional Body Piercer.


Nostril piercings usually take about 3 months give or take to be completely healed. Everyone heals differently, because everyone's bodies are different. To speed up the healing process don't touch you piercing and clean it daily. A little TLC goes a long way. If you are unsure whether your nostril is healed, go back to the piercer and ask for their advice/approval. Do not switch jewelry until your piercing is healed!

I hope this answers your question.


Answer 4


Tee Miller, professional body piercer in Charlotte NC

It depends on how long you have the piercing and how well your body heals. If it's new and you take it out during the healing phase, it will close immediately. If it's well-healed, and you decide to not want it anymore, it might take a few days to shrink and close permanently. There will always be some kinds of scarring, whether it is a light spot or a dark spot, depends on your skin pigment. Hope this helps! -Tee


Can I wear makeup after getting my nose pierced?

Answer 1

You absolutely can. Just be aware that anything you put near a piercing can lead to complications such as an infection. If you’re not careful you could end up having to take the piercing out. It is always recommended you try and keep as much stuff away from your piercing while it is freshly pierced and new.


This means:


• Keep makeup off of it.


• Be gentle and make sure you rinse off any and all soap that might come into contact with it.


• Do not use moisturizer or lotion directly on the piercing site.


• Do not touch or play with it. There’s a lot of crap floating on your hands that could mess with your piercing.


• Do not switch the jewelry too soon.


• Always use a mild soap and warm water to clean the site, and soak with a sea salt soak or spray with a saline solution as needed


Answer 2

No. Makeup and the tools to apply are notorious for harboring bacteria and other nasties, plus it could irritate the wound, which is what a new piercing is. Since you have to clean your piercing several times a day, you’re going to ruin your makeup anyway. You can’t wear makeup after vision correction surgery, any plastic surgery on your face and you’re not supposed to put it on an active breakout that’s open or scabby. Most of us break this, and do so at our own risk. It’s probably not realistic to completely stop wearing makeup for the entire time it takes to heal a nose piercing, so I would suggest skipping makeup for the first 2 weeks, then rock a low maintenance, natural look, avoid heavy foundations or concealer near the piercing.


Answer 3

When I got my nose piercing at 13 (15 now) I had this same question because ever since I was 13 I wore heaps of makeup. I’d say when applying foundation etc. at the start of your nose healing journey make sure you are gentle and go in maybe with a small beauty blender near the nose. Use the tip of the mini beauty blender to make sure it is all blended. And be super gentlly. That’s all I can say but best of luck xxx bet the piercing looks great!

How long until I can leave the piercing empty?

The inner wall of a nostril piercing is made up of a mucus membrane, so this part of the piercing tends to close up very quickly without jewelry—even for a few short minutes. If you like your piercing, keep jewelry in it; don’t remove your jewelry without first having another piece of jewelry to fill its place.

Nose Piercing FAQ: I got my nose pierced with a piercing gun.  I had no idea that only a piercing needle should be used!  Have I done any damage?  What should I watch for?

There's also the other problem that the gun is not designed to pierce your nose.  Because it is meant for the softer tissue of the earlobe, it actually rips the cartilage of your nose as it drives a stud through your septum or nostril.   And it forces the stud to lie right against your skin, with no breathing room so the wound can properly heal.

For now just keep an eye out for signs of infection.  You should also consider whether the jewelry lies too tightly against your skin.  Has your wound developed an angry red color?  Does it feel uncomfortable?  Ask your friends who are pierced to recommend other piercing boutiques.  Let another professional check it out.  Most likely you won't need to do anything, but it's possible you can switch out the stud for a ring, which will feel better and promote quicker healing.

Nose Piercing FAQ: What do you think about home piercings?  I love the way nose jewelry looks, and I just want to know the proper technique for doing it at home.

We do not recommend that you do your own piercing at home.  And don't let your friends pierce you, either!  Neither you nor your friend is trained to maintain proper sterility, and you don't want to become infected.  And how steady can you keep your hand?  If you're pushing a thick needle through the sinewy cartilage of your nose, what if you lose your nerve and stop halfway?  What if your piercing comes out crooked?

We don't know of any doctors who take out their own gallbladders, and we don't think you should pierce your own nose.  Spend the time and money to find a professional piercing studio.  You will end up with a much more beautiful, more quickly healing piercing.

Nose Piercing FAQ: Can I wear 10k gold in my piercing?

You should know that 10k gold is only 10 parts pure-about 41% pure.  That means that almost 60% of the jewelry is made up from some cheaper metal.  A higher gold content guarantees better healing and more comfort in your piercing.  It's wise to use 14k, 18k, or 22k gold.  10k gold contains too many filler metals that cause allergic reactions or simple sensitivities.

Nose Piercing FAQ: I want a sterling silver nose ring!

You should be aware that sterling silver oxidizes when it's exposed to natural body fluids and leaves a permanent black mark on healing skin.  Wear sterling silver only after you have totally healed.

Nose Piercing FAQ: What can I put on a dry piercing?  My skin is dry under normal circumstances, and the skin around my piercing feels really dry.

Try using an organic skin lotion.  Look for something at your local drugstore, the bath products store at the mall, or at your favorite online boutique for a product that's free of artificial fragrances, irritating dyes, or other chemicals. They are best for the tender, healing skin of a piercing.

Nose Piercing FAQ: It's been a few weeks since I had my nose pierced, and I've been following nose piercing aftercare instructions faithfully.  But I just noticed a small whitehead pimple right next to the piercing!  What should I do?

Try applying a hot compress to the area.  The wet heat will open up your pores to release any oils or other impurities trapped inside.  Just be careful by using a gentle touch, and for Pete's sake don't pick at it!  Whenever you break the skin, you risk the buildup of scar tissue.  If the pimple is right beside the piercing, you can allow it a little extra time to heal.

Nose Piercing FAQ: What type of nose jewelry is best to wear in a newly pierced nose?

When you have your piercing done, the best type of nose jewelry is the captive bead ring-often referred to as the CBR.  Because of the way it is made, it is easy to keep both the healing skin and the jewelry clean.  You also do not want to bother with something that has a backing while you are healing.

However, if you really want a stud, then get a stud.  If you settle for a ring when you what you want is a stud, then you won't have the patience to wait for the entire healing period before you switch your jewelry, and that can lead to scarring.  Just keep it clean!  But just as important is the type of metal-go for gold that is 14k, 18k, or 22k, or surgical-quality stainless steel.

Nose Piercing FAQ: What is the smallest-size nose piercing I can get?

Your piercing professional should advise you not to have it pierced at less than 18 or 16 gauge.  Smaller piercings do not allow you a wide range of jewelry options.  Smaller jewelry might seem to be disappearing into the piercing wound in the days right after it's done because of the trauma to the skin, and you are more likely to pull at it.

Nose Piercing FAQ: Someone pulled on my nose ring / My towel got caught on my nose ring and now my piercing is bleeding!  What should I do?

Don't take out the jewelry.  Don't rotate it, either, because if there are germs on your nose ring you will rotate them into your wound.  Instead, apply warm compresses soaked in sea salt water.  If you don't have a professional sea salt solution on hand, you can make your own.  Buy sea salt at your local grocery store or drug store.  Make sure it's sea salt-you don't want table salt, iodized salt, Epsom salts, or anything else; they are too harsh to use on a piercing.  Mix one-eighth of a teaspoon-just a pinch-with three ounces of water as hot as you can stand it.  Soak the cotton ball in the water and hold it on your piercing until it cools off.  Repeat with a freshly soaked cotton ball until you have soaked it for about ten minutes.  You should do this about three times a day.

Nose Piercing FAQ: Should I go to a studio that will numb my nose before the piercing?

We say no.  An experienced piercing professional will be finished so quickly that you will have just a brief moment of pain.  Other numbing techniques are not good options:  

Anesthetic sprays such as ethyl chloride are used only in Europe, and if used improperly they can cause frostbite.  There are numbing gels, like Orajel, but they really only work on mucus membranes and not on the surface of the skin.  Some people suggest ice, but again, if your piercer is experienced then you won't need it anyway-and why pay extra for that?

Nose Piercing FAQ: What if my nose jewelry falls out before the piercing is healed?

You should leave the same jewelry in place for at least six weeks.  You do not have to remove the jewelry in order to clean it.  If it comes out while you're sleeping then just clean your piercing and your jewelry and reinsert it.

Some people experience difficulty pushing it through their healing piercing.  This might be the one time when you want to use an ice cube to numb your nose if you have trouble pushing the jewelry through.  

If you have difficulty and your nose quickly becomes swollen and irritated, don't worry-but you might need a return trip to the piercing studio.  If you successfully reinsert the jewelry on your own, don't forget to cleanse it again, preferably with a warm salt soak.

Nose Piercing FAQ: Can I walk into a job interview with my nose ring?

It’s best not to wear nose jewelry when you go to a job interview. Many business owners and managers have piercings of their own, and they won’t be offended by your piercing.

But they worry about customers, who are often put off by something so simple as another person’s haircut, tattoos, or piercings.

If you are thinking about getting a nose piercing and also switching jobs, then put off the nose piercing until you’ve made the switch, because you must leave your jewelry in place while the piercing heals. Once you’ve passed that critical point, you can buy clear, almost invisible acrylic posts to maintain your piercing without displaying it.

Nose Piercing FAQ: Why are nose rings banned in some Western countries?

Many people believed the Bible forbade piercing, as expressed in Leviticus 19:28. However, others interpret this as an admonishment against self-mutilation to express grief when a loved one has died.

Nevertheless, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints—the Mormons—have forbidden any piercing beyond one hole in each ear. The Jewish Talmud also prohibits wearing nose rings on the Sabbath day. Many American school districts have banned visible piercings and limited the number of piercings per ear because there is no clear definition of when a piercing is for expression of culture and religion and when it is for shock value.

The ban also reduced the number of teenagers who sought piercings without parental permission. Clear acrylic studs remain an option for times when you cannot display your nose jewelry.

Apr 21, 2021 Can I go back to my piercer the day after getting my nose pierced to swap the ring for a stud?

You shouldn’t have requested a ring, you’re stuck with it for 6 weeks now. Rings need to be intentionally large to provide room for swelling, and the minimum amount of time until you can safely change it is about 5–6 weeks in. That’s providing you care for it correctly and suffer no nasty bumps or hits to the new piercing. A stud would be a better option, at about 2–3 weeks in a piercer can attempt an “emergency changeover” which involves replacing the ring for a long stud and it isn’t guaranteed to be successful. Sadly you must be patient now. This is what we must suffer if we request the incorrect type of healing jewellery (and if your piercer hasn’t at least done their best to steer you away from that type of jewellery until it’s healed)

Apr 21, 2021 Can I change my nose ring after 3 days of piercing? 

No! Whether you're referring to a nostril or septum piercing, do not try to change out the jewelry until it's fully healed. For nose piercings this will take at least 6-8 weeks for a septum, 3-4 months for a nostril. If you mess with it you're just damaging and inflaming the tissue there, making healing take much, much longer, and possibly making it get infected, heal incorrectly, or migrate. You really don't want that. You just had a piece of metal inserted into your flesh. Be kind to it and it will be kind to you.

Apr 21, 2021 My piercer told me that I can change my nose stud after 4 weeks. It looks healed, and I have had no issues with it. Is it still too early to change my jewelry?

I'd say just wait. Especially if you're trying to switch from a stud to a ring. When I apprenticed as a piercer we were taught 6-8 weeks so 4 weeks isn't that long to wait. Be sure to get a quality piece of jewelry to replace the current jewelry. By quality I mean something inert like stainless steel or titanium. Like I said you should wait, but it won't be the end of the world if you don't wait the full 4 weeks.

Apr 20, 2021 I changed my nose piercing too early. What should I do?

Leave the jewelry in, if it gets infected, DON’T TAKE IT OUT! It will make the infection 10x worse. Clean it twice a day with warm water and sea salt or saline solution, don’t use rubbing alcohol, it will dry your piercing up. Don’t rotate the jewelry, it makes the risk of infection higher and could cause the healing process to be longer and more painful than what it normally would be. You should be fine if the jewelry is made out of titanium (or surgical steel at least… even the titanium is recommended and the absolute best for new piercings), as long as it’s not some cheap, coated jewelry. In that case you’re asking for irritation/an infection. Make sure to clean it with sea salt/whatever your piercer recommended, twice a day! Try not to touch it.

Apr 20, 2021 I got my nose pierced recently and I don't feel my stud from the inside what should I do?

If you had the piercing done by a trained piercer at a reputable shop, go back to your piercer, let them inspect it for proper healing. If you did it yourself or had a “friend” do it, either go to a doctor to have it check for infection or go to a reputable piercer for advice. I wonder by your question if you did use a trained profession for the piercing as they will give you explicit care and healing instructions, as well as invite you to come back if you have any questions or concerns. And yes, my nose is pierced and was done by a professional years ago. Never any problems because I followed the directions provided when it was done. That area of the head is in the “triangle of death”. It is a dangerous place to get an infection. It is an area where it is possible for infection to breech the blood-brain barrier. Please be safe and get it checked out ASAP.

Apr 20, 2021Why is my nose piercing bleeding after I changed it to a hoop?

There are a variety of reasons why your nostril would be bleeding after you switched to a hoop. You could've switched your jewelry before you nostril was fully healed. If so it will take that much longer for your nostril to heal, since you reopened the wound that was trying to heal. Also, in most cases, when you switch to a hoop the gauge is often times bigger than the screw, bone, L shaped jewelry that you had in originally. When you replace you jewelry with a hoop, you need your nostril taper (gauging up) in order for the jewelry to fit without harming your skin. If you were not tapered and your ring is a gauge bigger, then you cut and widened your channel. This is a lot of trauma on your skin. Be prepared for a slow healing process. The bleeding could also be as simple as you got an impurity inside of it, or you bumped it causing it to bleed. In any of these cases, in order to heal the damage, clean it daily with your sea salt soak. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL! It is to abrasive for your skin. It will kill off any new skin cells trying to grow. DO NOT *I repeat* DO NOT switch out your jewelry! Even if your gauge is bigger than your previous jewelry, you already done the damage and you will do more if you remove it. Leave it alone for the time being. Do not touch it! If your problem still persists, contact your professional body piercer and have them take a look. They will give you the best advice. Hope this helps, the best of luck!

Apr 20, 2021How long should I wait before changing my nose stud?

It was pierced 2 days ago. A typical nose piercing takes around 1 or 2 moths to fully heal, however each body reacts to piercings differently. For example lack of cleanliness for the new piercing may result in infection causing the healing time to significantly increase. But sometimes piercings just take longer (3–7 months).I had my nose piercing October 2018 I was told to wait till January 2019 as well as clean the stud 3 times a day. Me personally I don’t need to do what the piercer does after following their instructions for some time. I cleaned the piercing three times a day for three weeks then I stopped my stud healed but I never even thought to change it till closer to the end of January. Listen to what your piercer says for when you are allowed to change it. Do NOT change it before when your piercer says because it may LOOK healed but where the bar of the jewelry is may not be so wait

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Most Frequently Asked Question about nose piercing. (Nose Piercing FAQ)

Do nose piercings hurt?

What are the pros and cons of nose piercings?

How do you decide which side to get your nose pierced?

How much do nose piercings hurt for someone with a low to medium pain tolerance?

What's the biggest disadvantage of having a nose piercing?

Is it okay to put numbing cream inside my nose before a nose piercing?

How much does it cost to get your nose pierced?

I have very low pain tolerance. Will a nose piercing really hurt? And once you get a nose piercing how do you blow your nose?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how painful is nose piercing?

Is it ok to use gun shot for nose piercing?

Is it okay if I have my nose pierced at the right side?

How do you get a nose piercing without it hurting?

How do people with nose piercings blow their nose?

How much do nostril piercings hurt when you get them?

What does a nose piercing on the right side indicate?

What does nose piercing feel like?

Why do college age girls tend to get nose rings?

What does it mean if a woman wears a nose ring?

Do boys like girls who wear nose rings?

Does nose ring look good on girls?

Why do women wear bangles, ear rings, nose rings, and have lengthy hair (most of them)?

Why do cows have nose rings on them?

What is the psychology behind a woman wearing a bull ring between the nasal septum of her nose?

What is your first impression of people who wear nose rings or nose piercings?

Why are nose rings so popular in India?

Why do most South Indians wear nose rings on the right side?

Are nose rings cute?

What do you think about nose rings?

Is getting nose stud better than getting a nose ring?

What is the significance of wearing a nose pin for Indian women?

What is the significance of a nose piercing in an Indian girl's life? Do Indian parents force their daughter to get her nose pierced, or is it optional?

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beautiful girl pierced with nose ring

The people who work at many piercing boutiques perform both ear and nose piercings with a gun.  The main problem with this is that piercing guns really cannot be sterilized properly, since they're made of plastic.  You're leaving your safety from blood-borne pathogens such as HIV, MRSA, and hepatitis in the hands of someone who probably does nothing more than just swipe the gun clean with an alcohol pad.

nose piercing process

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Perforacion de la nariz - ¡Cómo convencer a tus padres!

Conseguir su primera perforacion de la nariz es duro, ¡especialmente cuando se necesita obtener su aprobación de sus padres! Tanto si uno está en la escuela secundaria o casada con hijos, la aprobación de los padres acerca de las cosas significa mucho para ellos.

Problemas del Piercing de Nariz

Puede ser de gran ayuda el saber más sobre los problemas del piercing de nariz antes o después de hacerse un piercing.

Piercing de Nariz FAQ Para Todas Sus Preguntas

Nuestras preguntas frecuentes sobre el piercing de nariz le ayudaran a encontrar una respuesta a las preguntas más comunes y acuciantes. ¿No encuentra lo que busca? Pregunte aquí.

Cuidados del Piercing Nariz – No Se Equivoque

¡Todas los detalles esenciales referentes al piercing de nariz que necesita saber! ¡Se sorprendería al saber cuántas personas todavía lo hacen incorrectamente!

Curación del Piercing Nariz

Unos cuántos consejos que le ayudarán a reducir el tiempo que tarda el piercing de nariz en curarse completamente.

Infección del Piercing de Nariz

Tratando su infección del piercing de nariz – la prevención es el mejor tratamiento, pero ¿qué debe hacer si ya tiene la infección?

Piercing del Tabique Nasal - Lo que usted debe saber

El Piercing del Tabique Nasal – La mayoría piensan que los piercings del tabique son un poco más atrevidos que simplemente una gema adornando el ala de la nariz. Algunas cosas a tener en cuenta.

Historia del Piercing Nariz a través de los tiempos

Un repaso a la historia del piercing de nariz


エキゾチックで珍しいノーズリングをご提供しております。 インド特有のデザインを施したクオリティのある22Kゴールドは西欧のマーケットではお探しいただけない品々でございます。


ノーズピアスの治療方法 ノーズピアスはあなたのお顔を引き立てる素敵な方法です。ピアスをつける場所とジュエリーを選んだら、次のステップであるピアスの傷が早く癒えて出来るだけ順調に回復する正しいケアのテクニックへと進みます。ピアスの施術をした直後から正しいケアを始めていただけるように学んでいきましょう。 

鼻ピアス・問題と解決方法 超一流の専門医に施術をお願いをしたとしても、ノーズピアスの問題が起こる可能性があります。症状を事前に理解して賢く学んでおきましょう。

ノーズピアス 受け継がれる歴史 ノーズピアスの歴史をもっと知りたいですよね?最古のノーズピアス、そしてインド最古のサンスクリット語の聖典「ヴェーダ」にも登場する男性・女性が使用するノーズリングについてお話をします。

ノーズピアスのケアとあなた ノーズピアスのケアについて更に学んでゆきましょう。ノーズピアスをする決意が固まった今、ピアスの傷を完治させる為に出来る限り最高のケアをご案内いたします。

鼻ピアスの感染症 新たに施術したばかりの鼻ピアスの感染が心配になるのと同時に新しいエキゾチックなアートに不慣れな状況ですよね。

दुल्हन की खूबसूरती पर चार-चांद लगाएंगे ये नथ के डिजाइन


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This Coronavirus pages are intended solely to inform our clients and online visitors about coronavirus/COvid-19. All facts are from reliable sources like WHO, CDC and respective Government Health Agencies. Readers can either read through the facts which we summarized in this page or go direct to source through the link listed at the bottom of each page.


1. WHO Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic

2. CDC Centers for Disease and Prevention Control

3. Canada Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)


5. Harvard Health Publishing Harvard Medical School

6. Google Covid-19

7. Wikipedia COVID-19 pandemic 

Supply Chain

1) Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves

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3) Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves Powder-Free 

4) Disposable Latex Gloves

Stay aware of the latest COVID-19 information by regularly checking updates from WHO and your national and local public health authorities.

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