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My double nostril piercing story

by Harini
(Chennai, India)

Hi, my name is Harini, I am 23 and live in Chennai.I lost both my parents to Covid in 2020 and since then I have been staying with my chitti ie my mother’s younger sister.There are some distant relatives on my father’s side but grand parents are no more and others do not offer anything beyond lip service.My maternal grand parents are also there but I stay with my chitti because they have a 15 year old son who gives me good company.I am working as a school teacher in a private school and also get some rental income from my father’s flat which is rented after his death.The elders in the family ie chitti , Chittappa and grand parents wanted to get me married and started looking for a suitable match.There was an advertisement in some matrimony site which they responded and followed up with the girl looking ceremony. The boy was from Delhi, well qualified, working in a large company and well to do. They have houses in Delhi, Chennai and land in interior of Tamilnadu.The boy also lost his father to Covid and he and his mother who are the only persons in his family had come to Chennai from Delhi.The boy was very handsome, well mannered and after the initial meeting itself he expressed his willingness to marry me.I was also very willing but there was some hitch and we sought a week,s time to give the answer.. The boy went back but his mother told us she would stay in Chennai with her brother. for a week to know the result.The hitch is this: The matrimonial advertisement had specified that they were very orthodox and in accordance with their family traditions the girl need not be employed, should be willing to wear 9 yards saree only after marriage and should be wearing diamond studs on both her nostrils. The elders did not tell me this and when I asked them about it my grandma said that ads do contain such things but there will always be negotiations and give and take in any marriage proposal and we will try and work out some mutually beneficial solution.Not willing to give up the good proposal and opportunity my chitti boldly called up the boy's mother before the expiry of our time .The lady came and after prolonged discussions and give and take it was agreed that I would continue with my employment as a school teacher, the boy would relocate to Chennai ( a significant achievement, credit to my Chitti), I should get both nostrils pierced before marriage ( it was non negotiable for

them),and wear 9 yards saree after marriage.It was also agreed ( thanks to my grandma) that I will wear 6 yards saree to school and wear 2 small white gold studs on both my nostrils to school and once I come back home I will change over to 9 yards saree and wear the large diamond nose studs.I was happy at some point but very nervous when I imagine going to my school with studs on both nostrils and that too at this young age.With that the exchange of vows ended and marriage is a couple of months away.The lady, while leaving told my chitti, to get my nostrils pierced at the early date since the healing may take time .My chitti replied that we will get the right nose now and pierce the left side after a month or so.Within a week after that myself ,my chitti and grandma went to a jewellery shop for piercing.We got the token for Rs 100/- and to the piercer. I sat before him and he applied some gel to my right nostril and pushed the piercing needle together with the stud .It was through.I didn’t feel any pain but some prickly sensation.He put the bottom screw and said it is over. I turned back and told my chitti that it was painless and instead of coming after a month or so for the left side can I get it done now itself. Chitti and grandma were both very happy and said go ahead , it is your nose and sooner or later you have to do it. She asked the piercer to pierce my left nostril also and got another token of Rs 100/- . The piercer followed the same procedure and it was over in 20 seconds.I saw in the mirror, two small studs glittering in my nose. We came back home. I took leave of 4 days from school citing marriage fixation ceremony. After that I went to school wearing studs on both nostrils.Contrary to my expectation , the students, fellow teachers and other staff hailed my decision and appreciated.I told them all about the proposal , the terms, 9 yards, large diamond nose studs etc.So here I am, both nostrils pierced at 23 in anticipation of marriage . My grandma said she will give me lessons in wearing 9 yards saree and wear the large diamond studs ( one is a 4 Thalukku mookkuthi of my mother and another is a small 8 stone besari purchased at the time of piercing) while at home.I am gearing myself up for my marriage and the post marriage attire.

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