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Types of nose rings

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Different types of nose rings are a great way to add some style and glamor to your look, but you should be careful about what kind of styles and shapes you are using for your nose piercings. The most common are the nose stud and nose rings and barbells. Here are the different types of nose rings and nose studs that are available today.

Different types of nose rings:

Septum Clicker

Such rings are fastened by a straight or curved rod, fixed to a hinge that ‘clicks’ when shaken.

How to wear: Pull up the little segment before the hinge and slide the ring in your nose. Shift the open segment to the bottom of your nose, and outside the nostril. Snap the hinged segment to meet the edge of the ring, and you’re done!

Seamless Ring

This ring comes in two types: a pivoted ring with a seamless look, and a fragment ring with a bit that ultimately comes out after you take out the gems. It is also called the catch, less or endless hoop.

How to wear: Since this type of hoop has no clasps, you have to twist the ends apart to open or close it. The ends will rest next to each other when you put it in.

Captive Bead Ring

A captive bead ring has a ball between the ends of the ring, like circular barbells. This septum ring does not use threading (beads that screw off the end), so it is more difficult to remove its bead.

How to wear: Pull the bead to the side horizontally while holding the hoop gently. This will open the ring wide, and the bead can pop out. Insert the ring in the piercing, and you can put the bead back using the same process inversely.

Circular Barbell

This septum design takes after a horseshoe and has either balls or spikes at its ends. When it comes to circular barbells type jewelry, you can select the ball’s size and width for your ring. These are perfect if you need to stow away your septum jewelry as they flip upwards into your nose and out of sight. Curved barbells are often compared to circular barbells, but those are less rounded.

Types of nose rings : Hoop Nose Rings

Nose hoops are another popular types of nose rings design. There are different styles and sizes of nose hoops that are available. You can choose from different types of materials for your hoop nose rings, like gold, silver, copper, silver and steel. The hoop nose rings can either be worn on the nostrils or can even be worn through the septum. You can select from the various designs currently available. Remember, you may want to opt for a different sort of nose hoop, especially if you’re planning to wear it as part of your bridal wear. Some shops even offer discounted rates provided you purchase the rest of your bridal jewelry from their shop.


To look for the types of nose rings, you can surf our website look for them at your local jeweler or tattoo artist. If you do not find the right type of nose jewelry in your local area, you can also look for them online at Nose Piercing Resources. Here you can find many piercing artists and jewelers have websites, and offer their services online.

If you're going to get your nose pierced, remember to take care to ensure that no infection sets in. Even if you go to a top-notch professional, nose piercing problems can develop. When you are getting your piercing done, ask your piercing professional for aftercare instructions ahead of time. You might be excited or a little uncomfortable immediately after the piercing, and if you wait until then to receive instructions you might have difficulty remembering them!

It's wise to learn about them ahead of time so that if you experience symptoms you'll understand why. Apart from consulting your local doctor, you may want to do online research here to learn what you can do in order to avoid a case of Nose piercing infection.

It's important to look for a reliable supplier for your all types of nose rings. A source with years of experience will steer you to good quality gold jewelry. We offer various types of gold nose piercing products, and we are especially proud of our 22k gold nose rings.

Nose Studs

different types of nose rings hoops

Nose studs may be the most common nose piercings today. There are different types of materials used for nose studs, and the size of nose studs differs. Nose studs are normally worn on the nostrils.

Diamond Nose Studs

diamond nose studs different types of nose rings hoops

Diamond nose studs are a tad bit expensive, but when worn the right way are a great addition to your style and attitude. You can either look for a single diamond stud or a double diamond stud, it all depends on what design you are looking for. There are various types of diamonds available, in different colors and sizes. While you are at it, keep in mind that a very big diamond studded nose jewelry would look a bit gaudy. And if you’re still going to opt for a big diamond stud, you may want to study the various designs online before opting for one.

Unique Nose Jewelry

Always look for fine quality types of nose rings for your piercing. Nothing less than 14k gold or possibly stainless steel should be used for your first nose jewelry. We specialize in 22k gold jewelry, including exquisite nose rings and pins. You will often find the captive bead rings are best for initial nose piercings. Our craftsmen design and make beautiful 22k gold products, many of them in distinctive Indian designs that you will not find elsewhere in the Western marketplace.

Types of Nose Rings

Captive Bead and Bar Closure Nose Rings

Fake Nose Ring

Fishtail Nose Ring

Gemstone Nose Ring

Hoop Nose Ring

Labret Nose Ring

L-Shaped Nose Ring

Nose Bone Ring

Nose Stud

Nostril Screw Nose Ring

Septum Clickers






Stainless Steel

Sterling Silver


White or Yellow Gold

Nose Ring Symbols

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