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Looking for gold nose jewelry? Choosing the right jewelry is a very individual preference.

Some people like to wear flashy pieces of jewelry in their noses, while other people prefer more traditional materials like gold for their nose jewelry. Gold jewelry is very popular for many reasons and you are sure to find something to suit your tastes, no matter your style.  On this site, we strive to educate you about nose jewelry as well as how to choose the best gold nose jewelry for you.

Nose piercing gained popularity in the United States in the 80s and 90s when the punk scene was gaining ground with teenagers.  However, this was clearly not the advent of nose piercing.  It may be surprising for some to learn that nose piercing has a place in some very traditional cultures where piercing one's nose is not only acceptable, it is customary.  For example, Indian women traditionally have their left nostrils pierced the night before their nuptials as this practice is said to bring easier childbirth.  The jewelry of choice for Indian women is often a simple, small gold stud.

Today, many people choose to pierce their noses as a way to add further adornment to the face in a way that is not traditional in North America.  While this practice is typically seen as something that is done by teenagers, many people of all ages are finding enjoyment in nose piercing.  In fact, by choosing the right pieces, such as demure gold jewelry, it is possible to make a simple statement of quiet refinement.  This makes it possible to wear nose jewelry in a variety of situations such as work, school or a myriad of social occasions.  In fact, gold as nose jewelry whispers class without shouting for attention, making it appropriate for a wide range of people.

There are many benefits to choosing gold nose jewelry over other varieties available on the market today. Many people are sensitive to the nickel that is commonly included in jewelry.  For this reason, many jewelry makers have chosen to switch to other metals that are known to be hypoallergenic.  Jewelry that is hypoallergenic is less likely to cause allergic reactions.  Since piercings on any location on the body should be allowed to heal completely, using hypoallergenic jewelry is important because it helps to avoid complications in the healing process and beyond.  It is advisable to choose a metal that is hypoallergenic, whether you have a metal sensitivity or not.  Many experts agree that 22k nickel-free gold is a metal with which you will not need to be concerned about metal hypersensitivity and can safely be used on new and old piercings alike.

Given the wide range of gold nose jewelry available in our online shop, you can certainly find a high quality 22k gold piece that highlights your unique taste without appearing garish or ostentatious.  Whether you are a stay at home mom or a high power attorney, you can wear gold nose jewelry and feel confident about your appearance.  Selecting the right piece for you is as much about your personal preferences as it is about what you do for a living.  Simply select your favorite style and choose to augment your piece with a colored diamond from our extensive collection.  If your goal is to create a style that is uniquely you, you have come to the right place!

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22kt Gold Nose Bone with black zircon stone
22kt Gold Nose Bone

We strive to present you with style choices that meet our high standards of craftsmanship.  The result is jewelry that highlights your unique style with the ultimate declaration of your confidence and incomparable style.  In short, every piece of gold nose jewelry that you see in this shop are pieces that are personally and specifically chosen by us because they will bring you years of wear thanks to the high quality materials and expert craftsmanship.  In fact, we strive to be sure that the pieces we offer are very comfortable to wear, in addition to being beautiful.  We offer a unique design that sits low in the setting, meaning that the stud lies flat against your nose.  This is a great option for those who wish for the quiet refinement that was mentioned earlier.

If you are searching for a tasteful piece of gold nose jewelry made from the highest quality gold available, you will certainly find the perfect piece here.  It is designed to be comfortable, beautiful and expertly crafted to allow you years of wear.  Whether you're buying as a gift or treating yourself, our gold nose jewelry will arrive to you carefully wrapped in an attractive box and hand-polished so it is ready to wear the moment you receive it.

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