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No doubt you have gone to all the Search Engines looking for nose piercing shops online! What style looks right for you? How do you know whether a nose ring that looks great on one person will properly accentuate your features?

It's true that the internet is a wide-open resource for shopping or viewing examples of nose piercings. You can also look at photos in our gallery or in the online store of this web site to view many examples of beautiful nose piercing jewelry.

We specialize in gold nose jewelry made from fine 22k gold, which creates a much better feel in your skin than an artificial material or even stainless steel.

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As you plan your nose piercing shopping, make careful choices. Seek a jewelry professional who can offer years of experience in creating good quality gold jewelry. You will enjoy the look and feel of 22k gold, and we offer many nose rings made of gold through this web site. We offer the benefit of true craftsmen who create unique Indian designs not easily found in the Western marketplace. All our nose piercings are handmade by experienced goldsmiths.

We also offer you a collection of other nose jewelry shops so that you will have more varities to choose.Your piercing says who you are, and we know you are worth gold.

We also offer you a collection of other nose jewelry shops so that you will have more varities to choose.Your piercing says who you are, and we know you are worth gold.

Body Candy

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Body Candy is one of the largest sellers of Body Jewelry on the Web, offering only the finest quality merchandise at the lowest prices possible.

Selections include premium items such as Gold & Titanium Jewelry, as well as being an authorized seller of licensed items such as Playboy and NFL Body Jewelry.

The product selection at Body Candy is ever changing with new additions arriving every week.

Moreover, Body Candy is just as committed to customer service excellance as well, focused on being very responsive to all our customers needs and have operators on staff to respond to any queries or order issues throughout the day.

Enjoy your shopping at Body Candy


nose bone nose pin nose stud nose ring pictures

BodyJewelryis an established online body jewelry company since 1999. Located in Florida BodyJewelry is one of the largest websites in the body jewelry business, bring you the best and the latest of our body jewelry collection.Offering only the highest quality merchandise, manufactured from the finest materials available, including jewelry made from 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, .925 Sterling Silver, Solid 14k Gold and Solid Titanium. extensive body jewelry collection includes navel jewelry, belly button rings, tongue jewelry, eyebrow rings and barbells, labrets, spikes, balls, ear jewelry, nipple rings & nose studs. Accessories collection includes toe rings, belly chains, temporary tattoos, sterling silver hoops, sterling silver ear studs; arm bands nail rings and chokers. The styles include everything from the basic to silicone ticklers, dangling jewelry, 'glow in the dark' and body jewelry with genuine gemstones. experience will insure your satisfaction of our items and service. Enjoy shopping at BODYJEWELRY.COM 

Our own Best Sellers

22kt Gold Nose Bone with black zircon stone

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22kt Gold Nose Bone with purple zircon stone

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22kt Gold Nose Bone with red zircon stone

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22kt Gold Nose Bone with pink zircon stone

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22kt Gold Nose Bone
22 karat Gold Nose Bone
22 carat Gold Nose Bone

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22kt Gold Captive Bead

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22kt Gold Nose Hoops

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22kt Gold Nose Ring

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Indian Nose Screws

Indian nose screws are crafted especially for the larger nose rings. Often the rings for cultural or religious expression display a more complex design, and Indian nose jewelry is ideal for this type.

22kt Indian nose ring


22kt gold Indian nose pin
22kt gold Indian nose ring with 4 zircon stones
22 carat solid gold Indian nose jewelry with 5 zircon stones


22kt solid gold Indian nose jewelry


Amazon Best Sellers

Online shopping at Amazon can be a great shopping experience.Try various nose jewelry shops like Body Candy, Fresh Trends & etc at Amazon! Thanks to the power of Amazon, are as safe as if you were actually at Amazon shopping. The safety of shopping at an Amazon fulfilled site is that your purchase is backed by the full faith and credit and return policy of Amazon. This is about as safe as you can get. Shop on, and get the best prices offered by Amazon. Be a good bargain hunter!

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