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Translation and interpretation! We will introduce the features and differences of each by a professional translation agency.

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Translation and interpretation

Translation and interpretation. These two are similar but actually different.

Both have the same job of bridging foreign languages and German, but the required skills and work content are completely different. However, people who have never requested translation or who are not engaged in the translation industry tend to confuse the two and think that if they can speak English, they can do both. Übersetzungsbüro Profi Fachübersetzung  has services for both translation and interpretation and in the process of translation remains careful about this issue. Professional translation agency also has experience of 35 years in this filed and have main focus on the quality of translation and interpretation 


Let's take a look at the characteristics and differences between translation and interpretation.

Translation = text language conversion

First is the work of the translator.

Translation is the replacement of sentences in a different language with another language.

Generally, the target of translation is a document, but the types of translation include industrial translations and books that translate documents necessary for a company to carry out economic activities, such as contracts, manuals, product localization, and websites. There are three types: publication translation, which translates, and video translation, which translates overseas dramas and movies.

What skills do translators need?

Those who are good at working as translators have the essential skills.

      The first is the ability to understand the original text correctly.

      The second is flexibility or adaptability that can be translated according to instructions and requests.

      Third, it has the ability to form texts that understand the original text and create translations.

Text-forming ability is different from translating a word in the original text into a word in another language as it is. It is also an important skill to properly understand the intent of the original text, and in consideration of the customs and culture of the translated language, if there is an excess or deficiency in the original text, supplement it when translating it into another language.


      The fourth is communication skills that correctly recognize and share unclear points.

It seems that some people who are aiming to be translators do not need much communication skills because they are dealing with documents, but they do not deliver with questions as they are. Is required as a member of society.


      Fifth is to have a sense of professional responsibility. Professionalism is important because translation is a job that can be done as a side job.

Regardless of the amount of time, you need to be recognized as a professional as long as you undertake the work.

If you don't use your sense of language, your sense of language will become dull, so it is important to always try to improve your sense of German as well as foreign languages. It can be said that quality can be maintained by collecting information so that the latest information can be obtained for the industry to be translated.


Interpretation = language conversion of conversation

Next, let's look at the work of the interpreter.


An interpreter is the job of translating the speaker's language into the listener's language so that people who speak different languages ​​can communicate smoothly.


Situations that use interpreters include business interpreters such as business negotiations and in-house meetings, and conference interpreters such as international conferences and symposiums.

In addition, one of the roles is a broadcast interpreter for international broadcasting and news, a community interpreter that helps foreigners in their daily lives at facilities such as hospitals and government offices, and an interpreter guide that guides foreigners to sightseeing spots using foreign languages. I can say. Interpretation requires simultaneity, so unlike translation, it is a job that requires instantaneous power.


What kind of person is suitable for an interpreter?

Many people think that if they are familiar with the language, they will be able to do the job, but it is not enough for an interpreter to speak a foreign language.


First of all, it is an important ability to be able to talk without going up even if you appear in public.


Since the interpreter can immediately understand the reaction of the other party, it may be necessary to change to another expression if it does not convey it.

Communication skills that can respond flexibly when something unexpected happens are also indispensable.


In business and meetings, the ability to understand highly specialized content and quickly translate it into another language is also required. Even for tourist information that does not seem to require specialized knowledge, a highly satisfying interpreter will not work unless you have detailed knowledge of the target tourist destinations and buildings before the foreign language.


The same applies to translators, but the attitude and information organization that requires advance preparation for accurate messaging in a limited time, such as the status and background of projects, information on customers' products and services, etc. Ability is very important.


What is the difference between translation and interpretation?

Translation and interpretation. Despite the differences, it goes without saying that high language proficiency is required.


However, there are clear differences in the language skills required.


"Written" skills are more important for translation and "spoken" skills are more important for interpreters.


In addition, while interpreters are required to have on-site responsiveness, translations are required to have research ability to compose optimal translations and fineness that conforms to terms and materials.

Information provided by customers is the key

Customer cooperation is very important for both translation and interpretation .


If you have an old version of the target document or a glossary, the quality of the translation will definitely approach your requirements.


Interpreters can finally fully understand background information such as participants' roles and product knowledge by providing materials and briefings.



Translation and interpretation are more than just translating the face of letters and the ends of words.


It is a job that facilitates communication.


Customers, interpreters / translators, translation companies, project managers.


If all parties do not value communication, translation / interpretation cannot be achieved.



What you think?

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