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What happened in the United States when home cooking stopped?

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Famous American economists of the 1980s warned the people

The kitchen has been handed over to private companies, and if the elderly give the child care also to the government, family responsibilities and it's relevance will be destroyed. ”

But very few people listened to their advice

cooking is stopped at home

and the habit of ordering outside thus led to the almost extinction of American families as they warned.

Cooking with love means connecting the family with affection.

Culinary art is not alone. The focal point of family culture.

If there is no kitchen, just a bedroom, it's not a family, it's an hostel.

What about American families who closed the kitchen and think the bedroom alone is enough?.


In 1971, 71 percent of U.S. households had a husband and wife with children.

By 2020, it has fallen to 20 percent.

Families that lived then are now living in Nursing homes (old age homes).

In the United States, women now make up 15 percent of single households

Men make up 12 percent of single-family

19% of homes are owned by dad or mom only.

6% of households are male-female shelters (living together).

41% of all babies born today are born to unmarried women.

Half of them are girls going to school,

About 50 percent of first marriages in the United States end in divorce because of this mess.

67% of second marriages, and

74% of third marriages are also problematic.

The bedroom is not just the family.

If there is no kitchen and only a bedroom,

The United States is an example of the breakdown of marriage.

Our feminists will buy sweets in the shops and celebrate if the families here are destroyed like there.

Mental and physical health deteriorates when families are destroyed.

Eating outside causes the body to become fat.*and susceptible to infection and unnecessary spending

So cooking in the kitchen is not the only reason for family well-being.

Physical health and mental health are also essential to the economy.

That's why elders in our house  advised us to reduce/ Avoid eating outside

But today we eat with our family in the restaurants ... ",

Ordering and eating online like Swiggy, Zomato, uber eats,

Is becoming fashionable even among the highly educated, middle class people.,

This  habit will be a disaster ...

If those online companies that psychologically decide what we should eat ...

Our ancestors before going to pilgrimage and  outings used to cook and carry

So cook at home, eat together and live happily


What you think?

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