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Many individuals today are interested in a nose stud. Their popularity has really surged over the last few years, and they are both much more commonplace and accepted than they were previously.

This means that many people need to know some basic information about nose jewelry, what kinds are available and what they should expect. This will help to make sure you make the right choices and end up with high quality nose piercing jewelry you can count on.

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Types of Nose Jewelry

The basic nose stud is going to be a straight "bone" or rod. It will have some kind of stud on the end, and the stud can be just about anything. It can make use of gem stones or other bright and eye catching materials, or it can be a solid material. Titanium nose jewelry, sterling silver and gold are all popular. A real gold nose stud definitely provides a great look and can be paired with all kinds of styles and designs.

In addition to gem stones and solid materials, many people end up utilizing all kinds of shapes and designs. For example in place of the classic circular or dome shaped design, you can have cones and pyramids. You can also find more intricate designs, including other geometric shapes, animals, flowers and plants and more. Plus there are a variety of other artistic shapes and styles that can make your new accessory stand out even more for being beautiful and unique.

In addition to the basic nose piercing you'll also find nose screws. These are exactly like they might sound, they look more like a screw or a hook. Basically they are half nose stud, and half hoop or ring. Attached to the end of the bone of the stud is a half hook that wraps around.

Of course, besides nose studs there are also nose rings or hoops. Everybody has their own preference and there's no right or wrong in terms of the style that you'll end up utilizing. Rings and hoops will have a much different look on your face then a stud will, and today many people seem to prefer the sleeker, more stylish outward appearance of nose pins as opposed to hoops.

More Basic Information and Care

After you get your nose pierced, you should wait at least six months before changing it out with anything else. You want to make sure you give your cartilage adequate time to heal. Trying to remove the piercing before this time can be painful, and could also lead to infections, damage to the cartilage and other problems as well. So take your time and make sure you're healed all the way before you make any changes.

It's also important to realize that unlike some other piercings, your nose is going to close up really quickly when you remove the stud. That means you always have to keep it in, and when you make a change you should do so immediately without a lot of down time in between. To help make reinsertion of the stud easier, you can apply some KY jelly or another lubricant, and make sure that your hands and the piercing itself is clean so you avoid infections.

Another element to consider that is on the mind of many is the placement of nose studs. Many people don't quite understand where they go on the nose, and why. Well, if you flare your nostrils and then look in the mirror you'll easily see the crease of your nostrils on each side of your nose, which is where the stud can be placed. Generally anywhere along that is fine, and it's utilized because it's the thinnest area of the cartilage and allows for proper and easy placement.

Finally, above all else you want to make sure that you're buying high quality nose studs. You want to find a company that has a strong reputation and a lot of experience in the field, so you know that what you're getting is made with the proper standards and will hold up to the test of time, along with looking great and being made from the best materials.

Learn more about diamond nose studs.

Shoddy studs can lead to infections, or they could break down relatively quickly, proving to be a waste of money. Others may be improperly sized and can lead to an awkward look or some pain and discomfort.

So turn to a company with the experience and know how to produce the best nose stud around. You want skilled designers and experts hand crafting your studs to ensure their safety, quality and comfort.

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