Nose Piercing Retainer and Its Proper Use

What are the practical uses of a nose piercing retainer? Are you one of those who have chosen a nose piercing because you want to adorn your face with something beautiful, or for cultural traditional reasons? 

Maybe you've just decided that nose piercings look really cool.

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But there are going to be times when you know you would be better off not to display your piercing. Retainers for nose piercing are just what you need for this purpose.

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Nose piercing retainers Materials Used and Its Applications

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Nose piercing retainers are most often made of inexpensive but durable clear Lucite or acrylic.  It's true they're not invisible, but they will do much to hide your piercing when you don't want it to be obvious. 

Lots of teens and young women who participated in a survey told us reasons why they sometimes switch to a nose piercing retainer:

  • It's against school policy to display a piercing. But most of the time the school principal or teachers won't even notice if you're wearing a retainer.

  • If you're looking for a job, you're less likely to land it if you show up for the interview with anything pierced besides your ears. Employers don't want to take the chance that your piercings will be multiplying, especially since they don't know you. Because a business's conventional clients could be put off by a nose piercing, your employer might prefer that you just don't wear it when you're on duty.

  • Supposing you've landed a job, stud and all...and only then the employer tells you that you can't wear your nose jewelry while you're at work!

  • Maybe you want to switch to a nose piercing retainer when your rich Great Aunt Tilly is visiting. In case she might mention you in her will -or most likely because you'd just like to avoid upsetting your parents- it's good form to switch to a nose piercing retainer.

  • There are some medical occasions when you're better off with this acrylic retainer. If you're pregnant, your skin might experience heightened sensitivity. Whenever you exhibit any kind of skin symptoms that could indicate an allergy, try switching to the retainer. And if you have to undergo an MRI, then you can't wear metal, and you need the acrylic retainer.

Before you even get pierced, take a look at some of the retainers that are available. They come as nose studs, twists, or labret retainers, and they come in different gauges.

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Taking Care of Your Piercing

We'd like to talk specifically about the need to wear a nose piercing retainer when your piercing is healing.  It's sad but true that ear piercings heal much more easily than nose piercings.  Your earlobes are made up of much softer tissue than the cartilage that gives shape to your nose.  There's not as much blood flowing through your nose cartilage, and this contributes to the longer healing time. 

Plus, if you use a stud or ring that's really too big to fit your piercing, you can develop some scar tissue.  The same applies if you -or a friend- tug too roughly on your ring or stud.  Some people are more prone to develop scar tissue than others, and if you're one of them you could actually develop an unsightly keloid-nose-piercing scar or even contract an infection.

If you've had your nose pierced, it's okay to switch to a nose piercing retainer during the healing period.  But then you've got to leave the retainer in until it is fully, one-hundred-percent healed-no more switching back and forth!

If you're going to switch it, you've got to ensure that the retainer is as sterile as you can possibly get it.  You should use aftercare products that will safeguard your skin during the healing process.  Never underestimate the importance of maintaining sterile procedure while you're changing or cleaning your piercing!

Look for aftercare products made from natural salt water; the packaging is made to preserve their sterility as you use them.  The best ones contain lysozyme, which is a natural enzyme found in human secretions such as mucus, saliva, and tears.

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Do-It-Yourself At Home?

Watch out if you're going to do your own piercing!  We've seen too many of them end badly.  While disposable piercing needles will pierce your skin cleanly, many people make the mistake of using safety pins, needles, earring posts, and the like.  They don't pierce your skin-they actually rip it as they go through, just like a piercing gun does but at a much slower, more agonizing speed. 

That's not to say they won't mend -eventually, they will.  But your skin will go through a delayed healing process, including bruising and possibly even infection.  Nasty, crusty sores and oozing pus are only cool on zombies.  And if you're not starring in the next remake of Night of the Living Dead, then you don't want to develop a contagious infection that can spread to the people you're hanging with. 

So, above all, do it safely and keep it clean, and let a professional do your piercing.

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