double nose piercing

by vanitha

My hubby wanted me to pierce my nose from very first day of our marriage. But i was very reluctant to do so since i was working in a M N C.he insisted on me long time repeatedly to have nose stud.with the same force i refused to do so.
whenever we go outside, my hubby starred at ladies with pierced nose.this activity went on increasing and after sometime he directly commented to me about the ladies nose stud and about the lady.this activity went on increasing and i want to put an end to it.

atlast i decided to act according to his hubby went to mumbai for one week on official duty.i decided to give him a surprise to him when he reurned. i went a jwellery shop near my home with my mum to pierce my nose. she advised me to pierce both my nostrils as she was doing.
i refused to do so and pierced one side only. i looked my face in the mirror and it looked entirely different and very cute .so i decided to pierce the otherside also.
i had studs on both sides of my nose and my nose glittered with studs on both sides .i felt it was very elegant look i felt very proud . i thanked my mum for giving the idea

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