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Piercing pagoda is an online store and also sells through specialty kiosks all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Started in 1969, the kiosks came to be known for their quality piercings, with folks motoring miles just to get their ears pierced at one of these kiosks. Piercing pagoda was taken over by the Zale Corporation in 2000, and started retailing in gold, silver, and gem jewelry, fashioned into unique pieces and sets. They continued with their body piercings and offer customers a range of safe piercings to choose from plus the jewelry to be worn in these sensitive parts.

Most of the piercings use the barbell design for body jewelry. Made out of stainless steel with colored crystal or IP titanium balls at the ends, these are ideal for tongue, belly button, lip, and tongue piercings. The barbell can be curved and the designs like a horseshoe, or baseball on an eyebrow can be quite eye catching and can reflect the interests of a person. There are even intricate ways the barbell goes through two different points of the ear rim. An unusual piercing jewelry is made of clear acrylic or nylon and is used to keep a piercing open, but not noticeable. Pircing pagoda certifies that all these piercings are done in a most hygienic way and the material used in the jewelry are certified non allergenic and safe.

Browse the site for different kinds of jewelry on display. There are exclusive ranges for women, men and children. No woman will be able to resist the charm bracelet which can be custom built to her preference. Made out of 10k gold and sterling silver the pieces are affordable and can form a collection of chains, rings, and earrings. The chains come with cubic zirconia stones in lovely colors. 18k gold plated over sterling silver pendants in the shape of interlocked hearts with the names of the couple along with their birthstone can be individualized. Gems like sapphire, opal, amethyst and ruby are used to adorn the pieces of jewelry. The cotton macramé bracelets with crystal beads look uber trendy.

White gold has been artistically intertwined with gold to make rings look startlingly different. Rings come in select sizes and cannot be resized after purchase. A unique variation is the stackable ring set that can be worn together or separately. Piercing pagoda believes in stylizing these rings with their signature blue gift boxes, wrapped with a silver ribbon and a personal message to make the receiver feel special. Jewelry for children has pendants with matching rings and watches using butterfly shapes in colorful zirconia.

The online store offers promotional discounts and exchange of coupons. There is a special offer on joining their email list. The clearance counter has a host of jewelry at genuine discounted prices that are a real steal. The personalized customer care and return back policy makes a buyer feel acknowledged and valued. Shop at piercing pagoda especially when you want to experience the store’s maxim ‘every body deserves a little icing.’

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