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If you just have had a new body piercing, irrespective of its location, you need to be very carefully about the silver body jewelry you put in it. This is because some metals are safe to be used as body jewelry but others are not. It can react with the skin and can cause an infection that will cause much pain and frustration. The metals that you can use as body jewelry should not cause harm to the body tissues even if the piercings are unhealed and it does not absorb any bodily fluids.

Nickel is one of the metal types, which is most common causes of skin irritation after body piercings have been done. Costume jewelry and even silver body jewelry that has nickel mixed in it can cause some skin irritation and can turn your skin green or black or some other color. If your body piercing is as yet unhealed then you should avoid wearing sterling silver body jewelry on it because silver happens to be 92.5% pure while the rest of the item is made from some other metal like copper which can cause irritation as well. Silver itself is too soft and can cause scratching on the skin inviting bacteria to breed after nicks have been formed.

Skin is sensitive to Metal?

When your piercing is being healed, you should stick to safe things like surgical stainless steel that will not cause infection. Other metals include Niobium, which is heavier and a bit costly than surgical stainless steel but is completely safe to use in piercings. Probably the best metal for body piercings is titanium because it has no presence of nickel but it is also the most expensive. However, it is certainly worth the investment especially for someone whose skin is sensitive to any amounts of nickel.

Other Material Options

Apart from metal and silver, you can consider other materials like glass, plastic, wood, ivory or tusk and bone for skin piercings that have healed or are about to heal. Good quality glass jewelry should only be used for well-healed wounds, acrylic which is a form of plastic should also not be worn on healing piercings because it can cause redness and soreness and wood is a good material for body piercings but only if it is completely natural and free from dies. If your skin is sensitive, you should only consider surgical steel, Niobium or Titanium to keep your skin and piercing safe.

When to consider Silver Jewelry?

Once your body piercing has healed, you can consider silver body jewelry of various designs and styles. From silver plated or pure silver, either this jewelry can be belly rings, nipple rings, nose rings, eyebrow rings, plugs, toe rings or tongue rings. It is a good idea to stay away from cheap costume jewelry for body piercings because they are low grade, artificial jewelry that can possibly cause infections and reactions to even the most insensitive skin.


Is your skin is prone to infections from metals

Also, beware of silver body jewelry that is cheaper than you think it should be. Even though, silver is not as expensive as other metal as gold and titanium but it should still be worth its cost. So you should know what the competitive prices of this metal are in the market because you decide whether the price of silver body jewelry is worth it or not. Body jewelry is renowned to be elegant and attractive all over the world and many people love wearing body jewelry in their toes and eyebrows. But you still need to be careful with silver body jewelry and stay away from it if you have a newly healed piercing especially if your skin is prone to infections from metals.


Sensitive to certain metals when it comes to body jewelry? Did you know there are certain grades of stainless steel? Does your ear turn black when you wear sterling silver? In today’s video we’ll be going over good, high quality metals vs bad metals when it comes to body jewelry! Like this video and subscribe for more videos!



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