Have a Nose Pin To Make a Statement

Get ready to declare your style wit a nose pin!  Whether you want to look glam, punk, traditional, grunge, or if you just want to celebrate your family culture, nose pins are the coolest way ever to say who you are.

Most pins are more bejeweled than many other pieces of nose jewelry.  Choose your birthstone or maybe a gemstone with personal meaning.  Look for something colorful and glittering that decorates your beauty.  Express yourself with something more subtle -a miniature symbol carved from lustrous, warm gold.

We specialize in 22k gold jewelry; you will find many different nose pins and rings among our best-selling products.  No matter what design you think of, it can be created at the hands of our excellent goldsmiths.

Our artisans are also capable of rendering nose rings in the unique Indian styles that are not common in the Western market but which are rapidly gaining in popularity.

Where Will You Pierce?

  • "Ala" refers to the side of the nose. When you hear the term "ala nasi," that's actually the correct medical term for the cartilage that forms the outer, flaring side of each nostril, also called the wing of the nose. You can expect to spend three to six months healing from one of these piercings. Most suitable jewelry choices include studs and rings. Rings at this location should be limited to just 3/8 to 1/2 inch in diameter.
  • Bridge piercings, where the top of the nose meets the forehead, are gaining in popularity. When you are pierced at this location the pin goes through your skin but not through cartilage. Healing time runs three to six months. Your stand-out jewelry choice here is the straight barbell style.

A Look at Barbells...

Internally threaded barbells give you the option of a more decorative look.  One end is a design or a gem attached to a post.  The other end is a tube that screws onto the post.  You insert the post-end through your piercing, and then you screw on the tube.

Many piercing experts advise you to begin with an internally threaded barbell or even a nose pin with a threaded end.

The threading is inserted into the piercing by turning it gently, and most people do not have to work at or stretch their piercing to get it through.  Barbells seem to carry fewer germs.  And the decorative end remains securely fastened on the end of the post.

One PVD Stainless Steel Circular Barbell: 16g, 5/16", Gold, 5-Stone CZ Balls: 3mm

...Versus Captive Bead Rings

Captive bead rings are much less expensive than barbells.  You will most likely need special pliers if you want to replace the bead or change the ring.

Most people need someone to help them.  Captive bead rings are very easily bent if you work without the pliers.  But their beauty offers many advantages, if that is the type of jewelry you prefer.

Captive Bead Rings

One 14K Gold Captive Bead Ring: 18g 1/4", 14K Gold Bead: 3mm

A Word about Sleepers

Sleepers work better for if your ears or navel are pierced, but not really well with nose piercings.

It's hard to avoid the sharp edges at the joint that can cause damage to your piercing.

nose piercings sleepers

Nickle Free Blomdahl Sleeper, 10mm

It's Raining Studs

Studs come in many sizes and with all kinds of beads or gems.  You can also choose plain studs.  There are round studs, flat studs, and spiked studs!  Wearing a nose stud gives you a very current, chic look.  Keep in mind when you're looking at studs online-or any jewelry-the larger the gauge size, the thinner the jewelry.

You can hold your stud in place with a plain or curly tail, or even a beaded tail.  People often complain of the plain tail not holding its place, but this is true only if the stud is not a good fit for the piercing.  If you buy a curly-tail stud, compare the jewelry to the size of your nostril to be certain it will fit inside comfortably.  The curly tail can be rotated around to a satisfactory position.

Studs often have an internal bead or post that inserts from the outside of the nostril to the inside.  Like the nose pins described above, you screw the bead or tube onto the screw that has threaded through the nostril, so you must be able to manipulate your nostril for this.

22k gold nose pin

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Go for the Gold

The best nose pins and studs are made from surgical stainless steel, gold, titanium, niobium, or a synthetic material called PTFE.  Much nose jewelry is made from transplant-quality stainless steel.  And some of the best jewelry is made from 14k, 18k or 22k gold.

Gold less pure than that-9k or 10k-or gold-plated jewelry does not work well in new piercings.  The content of the other metal will be too high, and you can expect symptoms of infected nose piercing to resemble any other kind of body piercing infection.  Gold plating can rub off while the piercing heals.

Silver, which usually rusts when exposed to water, will oxidize with your body fluids as you heal-definitely not good!  If you are buying jewelry for a healed piercing, these issues shouldn't worry you too much.

A Word of Caution...

You will love accumulating a wide assortment of beautiful or trendy nose jewelry once your piercing heals, and it will by then be easy to change your jewelry yourself.  But initially, as your piercing heals, do not change jewelry unless it is done by a professional.  You can damage the piercing and cause infection to occur.

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