Ear Piercings: Don’t take it for Granted!

Ear piercings is so common that many of us take it for granted! 

  • Did you know that? ; Although not a legal requirement a person under the age of 16 years should not receive an piercing unless parental or guardian approval is provided.

  • Did you know that? ; All piercing premises must be registered with the local council and the register documents must be displayed for public viewing.
  • Did you know that? ; only an piercing (ear) gun or a needle should be used to pierce an ear. Is the case of a gun, reusable ear-piercing gun should not come in contact with the ear.

  • Did you know that? ; Disposable cartridges of the gun are used to hold the jewelry in place for the piercing and these cartridges should be disposed immediately after piercing.

  • Did you know that? : Single use sharps must be disposed of into a sharps container while, re-useable sharps must be sterilized before reuse.

Ear Piercings Around the world.

ear piercing

Piercing ear have been prevalent in some regions of the world since a long time, and it is now commonplace in the western countries too. In the South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and several others, the female population wears earrings, and therefore has piercings. However, with changing times and fashions, many men have started wearing earrings in one ear, or both.

With the changing medical scenario, one can now have safe, medically carried out piercings. These piercings are hygienic and safe as compared to the traditional method of piercing at birth, or at home. Most piercings have a generic earring added to the cost, so that the hole does not close up.

The most common ear piercing are the single hole in the ear lobe, but the more fashion conscious have more than one ear piercing in the lobe, and even on the top side of the earlobe. Some tribal have their ear pierced all over the outer ear lobe, and wear earrings all over.

The lower ear lobe is the most common place for piercing because it is the fleshiest part of the ear, and would have more balance and strength to hold the earring. In fact, some earlobes stretch with the extended use of earrings.

Like other piercings, the ear piercings would fill up and disappear over time, if one does not instantly plug earrings into the piercings. There are several types of earrings available and in different materials too. You can choose from gold, silver or even diamond and platinum earrings. In addition, the different types and styles of earrings available make it an interesting shopping experience.

In the South Asian countries, earrings and nose rings make up an important part of bridal and female jewelry. While many men wear earrings, nose rings are still a female domain globally as well as in the South Asian countries. And in a way, ear piercings do manage to enhance the beauty of the person in question. South India is home to some of the most intricately worked earrings, from the orthodox style to the more trendy wear of single solitaire ear drops. You can opt to go online to research the various designs or head in to the nearest jewelry shop to check out the designs. 

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While looking for ear piercings, it is very important that one consider aspects like hygiene and safety. Many professional ear piercers carry out piercings in a professional and hygienic manner. Ear piercings are quite cheap today, and it does not make sense to take the risk of carrying out the piercing yourself, to save the amount of money involved.

Make sure that you do the necessary research before opting to getting your ear pierced. And quite a few parlors and shops do offer to pierce your ear at a discount. The process is usually quick and carried out with ease. But double check to make sure that the wound is clean and does not get infected.

To find the best ear piercers, you could either look in your local tattoo parlors, or you could even look for the best ones online. 

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