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Understanding Nose Piercing Types: A Guide for Teens

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nose piercing types

Nose piercing trends are increasing among teenagers due to their stylish appeal and cultural implications. Hence, understanding various nose piercing types before getting one is crucial.
Let's start with the most traditional type, the Nostril Piercing. Given its familiarity, this piercing is often a popular choice among young teens who are stepping into the world of body modifications for the first time.

Inserted at the curve of either nostril, Nostril Piercings are usually done using a small hollow needle. Afterwards, a nose stud or ring is inserted to add the desired aesthetic touch.

Gaining considerable popularity among the youth is a variation of this traditional type: the High Nostril Piercing. Located closer to the nose bridge, this piercing offers a distinctive statement, setting it apart from the usual.

For this type of nose piercing, studs are generally more suitable due to their positioning, providing a subtle yet noticeable enhancement to the person's features.

Another common nose piercing type among young teens is the Septum Piercing. This piercing goes through the thin strip of tissue underneath the nasal septum, not the cartilage itself.

Septum Piercings allow for larger jewelry selections ranging from traditional circular rings to uniquely shaped barbells, giving teens the freedom to express their personal styles.

The Bridge Piercing is slightly less conventional and is placed horizontally through the bridge of the nose. It's essential to note that this piercing type poses a higher risk of rejection as it's a surface piercing.

Surface piercings such as Bridge Piercings mean that the jewelry rests under the skin's surface and doesn't puncture through the body part—definitely a more daring choice for teenagers.

Speaking of bravery, one of the more extreme nose piercing types would be the Nasallang. This piercing traverses from one nostril, through the septum, and out the other nostril, making a total of three punctures.

An emerging trend amongst teenagers is the Vertical Tip piercing, also known as the Rhino piercing. This goes vertically through the nose tip, from the top and coming out below, appealing to those aiming for a unique look.


Which type of nose piercing is best?

The question "Which type of nose piercing is best?" depends on various factors including your pain tolerance, healing time you can allow for, your facial structure and your personal style preference.

If a less painful piercing procedure is preferred, consider the standard nostril or septum piercings as they involve less cartilage, reducing the overall discomfort associated with the piercing process.

Healing times for these nose piercing types can differ, for instance, standard nostril piercings generally heal within two to four months while septum piercings may take six to eight months. Consider how this healing period might affect your everyday activities when making a decision.

How do I choose the right nose piercing?

nose Piercer at work

This is a personal decision and requires consideration of many factors. Everyone's face structure is different, so what suits a friend might not work for you. Consult with professional piercers to identify the most flattering piercing for your specific facial shape.

Your lifestyle also plays a significant role in deciding on a piercing type. Although intriguing, high nostril, bridge, and Nasallang piercings require extra care and could potentially interfere with sports activities or occupational tasks.

Of course, personal style is a significant consideration when choosing a nose piercing type. After considering all practical aspects, your comfort level with a certain style is crucial.

Regardless of the type of nose piercing you select, maintaining proper hygiene and aftercare is essential for a smooth healing process. Ultimately, the best nose piercing for you should be one that blends comfort, functionality, and your personal style. Getting a nose piercing is not a casual venture; it should reflect your personality and complement your aesthetic aspirations.

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