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Genital Piercing - Choosing the Right Ornaments

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Genital piercing refers to a body piercing that is done by both, men as well as women consciously, to reclaim or redefine their bodies to increase their source of pleasure. An ornament is inserted into the genitalia by making a perforation in the tissue for decorative, aesthetic or personal gratification. In the early centuries, this practice was carried out in certain parts of South East Asia, for cultural and spiritual reasons. Today, the fashion trend has made this type of piercing less complicated and many people assert their body ownership, by safely and creatively heightening their pleasures.


The genital tissues are very resilient and elastic naturally and therefore the healing process, from a genital piercing, is much quicker than when the body is pierced on other areas, such as the navel and ear, tongue, lip and so on. It is a fact that the woman’s genitalia is physiologically equipped to stretch and widen, during childbirth, after which it quickly shrinks back to normal size and repairs itself. The area around the genitals is also designed to take increased pressure, friction and manipulation and therefore, the act of this type of piercing is not as painful, as most people would assume and the healing process takes about two months, after which the swelling subsides and the area can be decorated with ornaments.

The men can have their male organ pierced with the ampallang method, or they can have the genital piercing carried out on the glans penis. The other areas are the penis shaft, scrotum or the perineum. For the woman, she can opt for the horizontal or vertical clitoral hood piercing, or get the Inner or Outer Labia pierced. The other options available are the Fourchette or the Clitoris piercing and each of these has special ornaments that are designed, for not only decorating the area, but for providing enhanced sexual pleasures.

Genital Piercing

It is important that the piercing is done in a sterile atmosphere by professionally licensed piercers. Hygiene is very important and care should be taken to ensure that the needle is single-use, as there is the danger of contacting blood-borne diseases, with tools and needles that are not sterile and re-used. For ensuring optimal safety, it is advisable to replace jewelry, which was used during initial, piercing to allow for extra room to take care of the swelling. This should ideally be replaced with an ornament that has a snug fit close to the body. Try to use safe metals such as stainless steel, titanium, niobium and palladium.

Various types of ornaments can be worn once genital piercing is done. The most common of all are little balls that can be colored or “glow-in-the-dark”. They adorn the barbells, which is the most popular type of ornament that is worn by men and women. The other types are little jewels that are worn as shields or rings that make women feel erotic, when it rubs against their skin. Women wear the jewelry and enjoy the extra pressure that it puts on their vaginal walls where men feel heightened pleasures when their sensitive urethra is stimulated by jewelry.

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