mom pierced sons nose both sides

by anonyms
(chennai )

Iam a tamil guy i compelled my mom to pierce my ears both sides so she took me to a goldsmith and gave her big stone stud to goldsmith and asked to pierce my ears its big stem studs with great force he pierced my ears and we came home being night time no one noticed in the morning i saw lot of neighburs watching me i got shamed and my mom i will this and wear small one but she not allowed to remove she said iam looking like her mom so she wants to make like her mom on that night she arranged all her moms dress and jewelry on me except nose ornaments she told iam going to wear the nose jewelry from next day on words iam blinking how its possible in the morning she decorated me with her moms dress and we went to goldsmith shop in auto no one noticed but the piercer knows me who pierced my ears he asked what for you came my mom gave him her moms nose studs and said to pierce my nose first he laughed and said i know he his your boy boy why you are piercing the nose my mom said iam interested in nose studs so only i came with him on there iam speechless he pierced my nose rightside and inserted thalluku mookuthy in my nose and he gave me a miiror i watched iam looking very beautiful with nose stud and with female dress after inner thread fixed i got up but my mom pressed me and said get one more on left side and after that she told to pierce my septum i started crying no way i came home with three nose jewelry arranged while returning home my mom said these ornaments are for my wife untill my marriage i have to carry with me i told my mom i will be with same female dress but not here we can move other unknown place but she not wiiling to move from that area now iam with all nose and ear jewelry iam going to school with boys uniform but now i got lot of girl friends they use to play with my nose studs

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