My friend nose piercing story(Tamil)

by Sindhu

This is true story for yesterday(12-06-2013) in my friend engaged function,
introduce my self & friend self My name is sindhu, friend name is saranya, last year only passout student, she is family girl fair person,
Yesterday morning only Saran engaged, then mother in law(mil) asked to nose piercing... Saran told no, mil say this is family trend so many formalitys, then accept Saran...
then finished engaged mil asked to Saran are ready for nose piercing, Saran told some other day later, mil say today only piercing Gud day, Saran family also told, then Saran accept, then call for piercier(asarai) he is came ready for process, Saran came to hall ready for nose piercing, mil told to piercier, pierce to right side this is south Indian style(tamilnadu), asarai mukku kuthi vagietu, mukkuthi kula tool(uusi) aa inside vesu one minute la saran mukku kuthi thirgeni potiga, pavum saran alutha, then mil told to piercier(aasari) pierce to 2nd earring(aala kadhu) um kuthiga, athvum kuthi vetiga, just one hour la eluma over, then Saran see in mirror she is enjoyed, Saran ku super aa irsu,
she is looking gud....

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