Can I buy a nose stud from a local store if I'm 12yrs?

I'm 12yrs old and am going to pierce my own nose as my parents will not take me to get it done proffesionally.

I need to know, can I be sold a nose stud at the age of 12yrs? Will they ask to see if my nose is pierced or why I need it or will they ask for my parents permission first?

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Jan 14, 2012
Bad idea.
by: Samantha

Wait until you're older(your body, including your nose, is still growing and changing) and get it done professionally somewhere that has high standards of cleanliness and uses a piercing needle (as opposed to a gun).

In the meantime, why don't you try jewelry that doesn't require a piercing? Something like magnetic or pressure held studs or hoops.

And take it from someone older and maybe even wiser, don't go against your parents, especially not while you are still dependent on them. Listening to them, and respecting them now that you are growing into an adult can have a huge advantage in how they treat you and respect you. If they see that you are responsible enough to follow their instructions and their direction, they will trust you and give you more privileges once you are in high school and college, and that can cause a wealth of opportunity to open for you.

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