by danielle

i have major anxiety... doing anything out of the ordinary is ten times worse with anxiety, because your always thinking of the worst possible things that can happen to you, and are most likely not. the worst part is, im a dear devil. when my friends me to do something insane, 90% of the time, ill do it. my friends have told me to die my hair neon red, or to go on a roller coaster and video tape the ride! so anyway my friends tolld me would look really good with a nose peircing. i had i ears peirced, but no cartilage or anything. just the soft part of the ear. so i wanted to see how i looked with the pericing so i just drew a dot, and i liked it! now to the main part of the story.all my guy friends and i are in the peircing place, one with a video camera, another with a tissue for me... it was really funny.(they think im a wussy) so im all nerous and asking the peircing guy all these questions like,"what if my nose falls off?" or "what if you sneeze and poke me in the eye?" and he says "i highy doubt any of us would sneeze right now" and so he says "breathe in, breathe out." and he is about to put it in... AND I SNEEZE!!! luckily he quickly jerked back or he would have poked me. i get so scared that i get up and bolt for the door. my guy friends start running after me, and grab me by the arm and pull me back to the peircing room. it took all 7 of them to hold me down and the guy goes "one, two three!" and puts it in... five seconds later, i say... "DID YOU PUT IT IN YET?" and he says, yeah like a minute ago. ive had it for three months now..... I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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