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As you're probably already aware, nose piercing is typically performed so that a person is able to wear body jewelry in their nose.  It involves piercing the skin and sometimes the cartilage of the nose, and then inserting a piece of jewelry into the pierced area.

Nose piercing is now an extremely popular form of self-expression, but it is actually an ancient and revered art form, practiced by Indians, Native Americans, people living in the Middle East and a variety of other cultures.  In India, nose piercings have always been viewed as a mark of great beauty, social standing and respect for Hindu gods.

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Today, people who want body piercing performed often choose the nose, probably due to its prominence on the face. In fact, in terms of the popularity of different locations for body piercing, nose piercing ranks behind having one's earlobes pierced but is ahead of many other places on the body.  Within the last few decades, nose piercing has become popular in several youth cultures and is now seen widely throughout the US, the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and the Caribbean.  While nostril piercing is the most frequently seen form of nose piercing, nasal septum piercings are also quite popular.

For those of you who might not know, the nasal septum is the dividing "wall" between a person's nostrils.  Although the septum itself consists of cartilage, the cartilage is generally not pierced in nasal septum piercings.  A small gap exists between this cartilage and the bottom of the nose, and this gap is typically what is pierced during the procedure for septum rings.

The nose is one of the more sensitive areas on a person's face because it has so many nerves passing through it.  This means it is important to have septum piercing performed by a trained professional who will be able to minimize the likelihood of a painful piercing.  After the piercing is completed, a healing period will be required.

Septum Rings of All Kinds

Several types of jewelry can be worn in a septum piercing.  As with jewelry worn anywhere on the body, the type of septum jewelry that will be right for any man or woman is completely up to the person wearing it.  It is purely a matter of that individual's personal taste and style.  As mentioned earlier, nose piercing has become a popular way for people to express themselves, so you should always feel free to choose the type of septum jewelry that you enjoy and that expresses your personal taste and style.  For both safety and appearance, make sure that all your body jewelry, whether it's in your nose or elsewhere on your body, is of the highest quality available.

Captive bead rings, also called ball closure rings, captive hoops or captive ball rings, are a popular type of jewelry for wearing in a septum piercing.  These stylish rings incorporate a bead or ball in the center of the ring.  The captive bead or ball is slightly larger than a small opening in the circle of the ring and snugly fits into it to complete the circle.  It is held tightly in place by the ring's own tensile strength.  Captive bead rings are available in surgical stainless steel, titanium and other metals, but the best ones are made of 22k gold.

Barbells are another option for septum piercings and are particularly good for wearing in piercings that are still healing.  Circular barbells, consisting of bars with beads that screw onto either end, "tusks" that consist of straight or shaped pieces of metal that are typically tapered on both ends, and nose plugs are several other types of nose jewelry for wearing in septum piercings.

22kt Gold Septum Ring - $36.90

22kt gold septum ring

22kt Gold Captive Bead Ring - $35.90

Septum Rings of Pure Gold

You can avoid several potential problems with septum piercings if you stay with high quality 22k gold septum rings and other nose jewelry. After all, this jewelry is in your nose, and you certainly don't want to wear anything that's made with cheap base metals that could cause irritation or even an infection.  22k gold is also among the most beautiful septum jewelry you can get and it will let you show off your personal style with class.

It's important to find a highly experienced, reputable and reliable source for your nose jewelry so you're sure to buy the real thing and not some cheap imitation.  Look for a company with many years of experience providing high quality gold jewelry, particularly the 22k variety.

Purchase whatever style of septum jewelry you prefer, but do it right. Buy 22k gold nose jewelry from an experienced, reliable company.

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