Nipple Piercing - Increase your Sensuality!

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Nipple Piercing has come a long way from what was once considered a barbaric ritual and custom. Though this form of perforating the nipple has been practiced by the Roman Centurions in the 14th century, it became very fashionable in 1890, when rich nobles and women started piercing their nipples to apply jewelry and flaunt their wares. Today the practice of nipple piercing has become part of mainstream culture and is gaining acceptance popularly all over the globe.

The reason many women and men wear piercings on their nipples and genitals, is because they enjoy the sexual arousal, caused by titillation, when jewelry is worn on their bodies. They feel an increased sense of stimulation as the sensitivity in these areas is enhanced and many women go through the pain to ensure that they keep their love life alive. Many famous actors and actresses sport jewelry on their nipples after piercing them. These include the famous celeb Janet Jackson and the popular Rihanna. Male stars such as Mark Salling, the leading actor in Glee also has had his left nipple pierced.

Contemplating nipple piercing?

When one is contemplating nipple-piercing, it is advisable to read as much as you can about the pros and cons. Understand that this form of piercing may go out of style in a couple of years. Make sure you get this done by an experienced piercer who uses sterile and disinfected instruments. Allergies, hypertrophic scars and reactions due to blood-borne diseases, are some of the problems associated with nipple piercing. Studies on the subject reveal that women with underdeveloped breasts may show signs of developing large breasts, increased sensitivity and sensual stimulation, with the items of jewelry worn.

Women, as well as men, can sport jewelry such as barbells, nipple shields or rings, with a bead captured in the center of the ring. The internal diameter of the ring should ideally be ½ inch for men and 5/8th inch for women. In the case of barbells, men can opt for 3/8th” length and women can go for ½” length. The gauge of the material used should be at least 16mm for women and 13mm for men. The best types of jewelry to choose from are 22 carat gold, surgical stainless steel, niobium and titanium. It is not advisable to use silver, metal or 9 carat gold. Women should ensure that they do not use lesser gauge jewelry as it will not stay firm in the nipple and prove quite uncomfortable. Never use sleepers as they can pierce the nipple area and cause damage due to the sharp edges.

Proper hygiene and after care

Proper hygiene and after care is very essential after nipple piercing is done. Care should be taken to keep the area clean. Use an antibacterial soap, ice packs and sea salt solutions for soaking the pierced area and refrain from using any alcohol, peroxide or betadine solutions for cleaning the area. If you have small nipples, the healing time may be around two months. For women with larger nipples, estimate the healing time to be around six months.

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