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Hood Piercing - Worth The Trouble?

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Considering hood piercing? Those who get piercing of a body part done want to break out of a stereotypical mold. In places where it is seen, piercings reflect a person’s individuality and attitude. But those going in for piercings that are not universally visible like Genital Piercing, want to experiment and find out if it will increase their pleasure quotient. Hood here refers to the clitoral hood of female genitalia. Elaine Davidson, a Brazilian nurse, has more than 500 piercings done on her genitals, apart from the more than 5000 piercings all over her body, and holds a Guinness World Record for piercings. The question that arises is how much can a body take of this type of invasion.


Hood piercing is definitely not for the squeamish. But if you feel that Ellen could have so many in the region you are probably thinking ‘why can’t I go south for the summer season of fun?’ Check out if any of your friends or their friends have done this sort of piercing and get a firsthand account from start to finish, and then some more like whether this really enhances sexual pleasure. The answers may surprise you, and depending on the way the person narrates her personal experience you will get to know if she is lying, so as to justify her getting a hood piercing done.

There are explanations on You Tube on how this kind of piercing is done, with some video illustrations. But examine your own need to get it done which should take precedence over everyone else’s experience. And only arrive at this decision after taking into account the time and effort that will have to be invested in getting a clitoral hood piercing done. A horizontal or vertical piercing is done on the hood (some women may not have a prominent hood) using a piercing needle and a silver or gold ring is inserted. Stainless steel is not a good metal for the initial piercing ornament as chances of infection is more. Once the area heals, there are suitable shapes of jewelry to choose from that can enhance pleasure when the area is stimulated. There are no known medical or health benefits of getting this area pierced, and even the sensations of pleasure are not guaranteed for everyone, who get a hood piercing done, as clitoral stimulation by other means produces the same results.

Ensure that this kind of piercing is done only in very hygienic conditions, and by a qualified practitioner. The establishment should have been certified by the health authorities, with a license to practice. A botched case can make the area numb and prone to keloid scarring. If the area doesn’t heal properly there are chances of infections getting into the blood stream, and can lead to Aids, syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, from infected partners, or even from unsterilized equipment used while doing the piercing. After piercing care is very important and the piercer should explain what exactly you can do to keep the area infection free.

Get a hood piercing done only if you have thought over it very carefully and feel you can handle the risks.

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