Nose piercing bump still here after 2 months

by jan

I got my nose pierced in late August 2019. It was fine until I got sick a month later and developed a bump from irritation. It is 18g titanium stud. I’ve been cleaning it 3 times a day with H2Ocean as instructed by my piercer. This piercer has done other cartilage piercings for me and they have all healed completely fine. He is a very reputable piercer. I did get a bump on my industrial piercing but it eventually went away with sea salt soaks and tea tree oil. I was using sea salt compresses also as instructed my piercer for a while but nothing has actually worked. I’ve also tried tea tree oil and it helped a little. The bump gets smaller and bigger but it has never actually gone away. I’m just worried that since it’s already been there for 3 months that it might never go away. I also try my best not to touch it but another thing is that I wear glasses that are loose fitting on my face and sometimes they fall and accidentally rest on my piercing which could be another cause. I just need any kind of hope because I really want this thing to go away and I’ve been trying a lot with no avail. Also I forgot to mention earlier the piercing itself seems to be healing fine and it does not hurt at all. I’m just really worried about the bump.

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