My story

by Soma

Hello !
I am here to share my experience with you all.
First let me put the background so that the matter becomes easy to understand
I was 22 year of age . My marriage was fixed. I had a problem in hand , My would-be-inlaws had aksed me to get my nose pierced before the wedding. I was scared.
The story begins like this. I was informed earlier that 'They'( my inlaws ) will come to our place for this. They added that its their family tradition. I was also informed that the piercing will be done at my home with a silver-needle. I was scared, even my MOM do not have a pierced-nose. The last piercing I had was my ears and I dont remember the episode even
That was a Tuesday morning. They arrived at our resi at arround 11am. I was in my room. My Mom called be downstairs.
I saw my would be Mother-in-law with two other lady members of their family . I got introduced once again . We had tea together and had a chat for almost half an hour. I was tensed as I knew that any moment they will start the process.
Then suddenly my MIL asked me whether I am ready for it or not. My MOM answerd them that I am very scared, my MIL smiled and said 'nothing to scare- it a family tradition and there is no way to avoid the same'
My MIL took out a small red box from her handbag and handedover the same to one of the lady members.
The lady asked me to sit on the floor and aksed my mom to get a candle.
I sat on the floor silently. My mom came back with a candle. The fan was switched off and the candle was lightened.
The box contained a silver-needle which to me was too big and thick. I cant tell the size but it should be ( _______________ ) this big. The thread had turmeric quoted on it. The thread was first folded into two equal parts and then passed through the needle-hole . Once its passed through the same was again folded in two equal parts. So it was basically 4 threads together.
I was very scared but could not speak. My MIL was sitting in front of me and was looking at me, My MOM was also looking at me silently.My MIL asked me to sit quite and added that it will not take more that a few seconds

The lady then brought the needle on the candle flame and kept there for some time.I found it was getting hot as she took a small piece of cotton to hold the needle.
I saw a lot of piercings on youtube but nothing like this .
I saw the tip of needle red-hot. Then she asked me to raise my face a little. She placed the the hot needle on my left nostril from inside ( rather unusal I believe) and asked to take a deep breadth.I closed my eyes and took a deep breadth.The moment I took the breadth she pushed the needle from the inside of my nostril towards outside. Just a pinch and I could feel that the tip of the hot needle has pierced the layers of my nostril.Suddenly I found tears rolling down from my left eye. My MIL said good girl . Till then there was no pain as such other than a burning sensation.
After this the lady told me to take one more deep breadth. I did the same and then she started pushing the needle out slowly and firmly. It was really painful. I started crying , my MIL came closer to me and supported my head with her hands. Once the needle is through -- she started pulling the thread to pass through .It was so painful and I screamed.She stoped for a while looked at me and said its almost over and then pulled the thread mercilessly to her satisfaction and tied a knot. Tears were rolling down my eyes. My MIL inspected the pierce and was satisfied. The lady with the needle then asked me whether it was ok or not, I nodded saying yes. My MIL smiled and said 'should I ask her to pierce the other side also.' I didnt respond and she said 'ok that can be done once you come to our home.' From her only I came to know that its the same needle by which she had to pierce her nose at the time of her wedding .I noticed that she has multiple piercing in her ears too ( 3 in each ear ). She undrestood that I was looking at her ears . She smiled at me and said 'I will give all these to you' and laughed.Then she took out one more red box and handedme over a beautiful diamond nose-pin ( screw type ) and added that I should put it up once the healing is over and not to remove it ever.

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