Important Lip Piercings After Care

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Lip piercings is one of the more modern types of facial piercings that are available. Both the genders have their lips pierced, either the top lip or the lower one. Like all body surgery – consider drilling a hole in the lip as surgery – one need to take some piercing after care. Here are just some of these.

Lips Piercings Care

Avoid smoking and drinking immediately after the lip piercing and until it heals itself. You should not eat at least until three hours after piercing your lip. Remember to wash your hands frequently, and anytime you feel like touching your mouth or lips. Any piercing is liable to suffer from infection, and this will decrease the chances of any kind of infection.

You should do a saline soak at least twice a day. For brushing teeth, use a soft bristled toothbrush until the piercing heals. Also, if you do not already, brush at least twice a day, as this will ensure the removal of food particles around the infection, and decrease the chances of an infection. You should keep the mouth as sanitized as possible, even after the wound has healed. For a while, you would need to wash your mouth even after smoking. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should use mouthwash after meals and avoid sharing cups, plates, spoons and other eating dishes until the wound has healed completely.

Along with these general tips, you should keep in mind what aftercare the doctor has suggested. Some medicines help against swelling and pain, etc. Make sure that you take them as suggested. If you are planning to dry the wound regularly, use disposable paper tissues, as the cloth towels can store the bacteria and increase the chances of an infection.

Lip Piercings Do's & Don'ts

You should eat foods like ice cream, frozen yoghurt and other cold foods regularly till the first two weeks. You could also suck ice to reduce the swelling and decrease the pain. For the first few weeks, do not remove the jewelry or try to replace it. The hole closes very quickly, and you would find it quite difficult to put the jewelry back on. You should avoid places like lakes, pools and other water bodies, as the pain would increase if it submerges in water. Refrain from taking showers too.

You can opt for some pain relieving gel to minimize the pain and help the lips to heal faster. It would be a good idea to have regular checkups with your doctor, to find out more on how to avoid infection. Apart from the tips posted above, do an online search to find out more about lip piercings, what to do in case an infection sets in and what to watch out for. More importantly, it is essential that you opt for this form of piercing after you’ve gone through all the online information. Remember, lip piercings is similar to surgery in the sense that the after care needs to be handled with care. So try not to rush the healing process and of course, if you’re a diabetic, the healing process would take longer.

Finally, if you decide to take off the piercing for any reason, be sure to go to a professional piercer, as doing it on your own could injure the lip.

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