Hide Nose Piercing With Ease

How To Successfully Hide Nose Piercing Jewelry

It's simple, one of the most common questions that people have right before or right after they get their nose pierced is alright, so now how can I really hide nose piercing jewelry? This is a very common concern, and there are several different ways to go about the process. It's important to first separate your options based upon whether you just got the piercing, or whether your piercing has already healed.

Before Healing

Before your piercing has completely healed, you may have a need or desire to hide it. Whether you are hiding it from your parents, your school or your job, there are a variety of reasons you may want to do so. Hiding it before it has healed completely however is difficult, because you cannot just remove the piercing. You have to let it stay in there to prevent scarring, infections and other problems.

Therefore your options are somewhat limited. What you first need to make sure that you do is to buy a smaller piercing as opposed to a larger one. That means both a thinner gauge, as well as a smaller stud. This will help to conceal it a bit. You can also try to get certain colors and shades of the piercing, so it blends in more with your face. You can opt for something that matches your skin stone a bit, or alternatively would look like a birth mark or a pimple. It's not the kind of scheme that's going to work forever, but at a first or quick glance it can help you escape unnoticed.

A temporary solution to hide nose piercing jewelry is to wear a bandage over the piercing. Of course, you can't get away with this every day with your parents or your job. However, if you need to hide it away during an activity such as a sport, or from anybody else on a more occasional basis, this can be a good solution. There aren't a lot of options during this phase, but you can experiment with the above.

Hide Nose Piercing: After Healing

After your nose has healed up, you will have some better and more viable hiding possibilities. Now you will be able to remove the jewelry, so you can actually put other things in the hole of the piercing in its place. This is the most effective route for actually being successful when you want to hide nose piercing jewelry.

One option for this is to purchase a clear retainer, and to insert that into your piercing when you need to hide it. This will go very easily unnoticed, and will allow you to mask your piercing from all except the most attentive and nosy, no pun intended!

A similar option is to use a thick, clear fishing line. Cut off a small piece and then burn one end of it, then push down or mush that edge into a flat disk. This will give it a placeholder so to speak and will allow you to insert this as your retainer. Be very careful however after burning to make sure the fishing line has been cleaned. You want to prevent infections and other problems that could arise.

Additionally, it should be noted that while these are effective strategies for hiding, it's not recommended that you go through this every day. Constantly taking out and putting back in your piercing can lead to some serious pain, discomfort and some nasty infections or scarring. So be conservative with how often you go about this.

Another way to help prevent infection and to make this process as easy as possible is to make sure that you're using high quality nose jewelry. Something cheap can break apart or can lead to more irritations. Cheap or poorly made materials can even erode away. Therefore you should put your trust in nose piercings that not only look great, but are also designed and produced carefully.

For example, turning to solid gold jewelry that has been handcrafted as opposed to mass produced is a smart move. It's an accessory that will hold up inevitably, will be easy to take in and out without irritating or infecting you and will look beautiful as well.

Don't worry, there are certainly some real solutions when you need to hide nose piercing jewelry. Not all of them are going to work over the long haul, and none of them are really meant to be used on a day by day basis. However, in a pinch you can hide nose piercing jewelry with any of the above strategies, just be sure to do what you can to avoid irritating or infecting the piercing.

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