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What comes to the mind when one hears the words female piercing? Pictures of tribal women with hanging ear lobes, mouth plugs, huge nose rings! Yet nowadays, piercings have become the rage. What started as using a piercing gun for the conventional piercing of the ears has now broadened into needles and tubes being used to insert intriguing shapes in the form of jewelry. No part of the body seems to be out of bounds. There is even a National Piercing Day – it is May 16th for those who do not know!

People generally get a piercing done to make a fashion statement and also express their individuality. Though mostly used for adornment, there are some men and women who have reported the enhancement of sexual pleasure by having pierced nipples and genitals with bosom rings. Teens going through a rebellious phase want to use their piercings for the shock value it creates, especially amongst the older generation of their parents. They also want to have a cool image amongst their peers to fit in a social clique. Some want to highlight certain parts of their body, whether the part is aesthetic or not. Female piercing can also be done for religious purposes to signify belonging to a particular cult or order.

genitals with bosom rings

Common areas for piercings

Common areas for piercings are the ears, eyebrows, nose, and belly button. But now female piercing is becoming more adventurous with graphic designs like actual string threaded through small pierced rings to give it the laced shoe effect, done on a prominent part of the body like around the navel or the back. Don’t let words like vertical tragus, auricle, conch, rook or scaffold confuse you. These are ideas for areas where the ears can be pierced. Depending on the shape of the ears there are interesting bits of jewelry used in the shape of balls to studs to filigree flowers, to give a theme based finish to the ear. Piercings on eyebrows are now passé and girls are going in for colorful décor on their lips. Using curved rods made of stainless steel, with balls on either end, these lip piercings are supposed to enhance tactile sensations. Tongue piercings with rings and studs are also used to stimulate pleasurable sensations. Surface piercings are done on areas like the ankle, neck, web between thumb and index finger, under the collar bone or on the sternum.

Once the kind of jewelry and the area is decided, female piercing is usually done with piercing needle attached to a tube called a cannula. Usually a local anesthetic is applied or injected into the area. The actual piercing may just take a few minutes, but it is essential to see that the jewelry used is of a non allergic nature, to safeguard against pus formation and infection. Sometimes an antibiotic and pain killer is prescribed for three days so that the procedure has no unwanted effects. If at all you want to get a piercing done, ensure that only trained personnel do it in the most hygienic conditions, so that if there is any trauma to the area, or you don’t feel good, you can approach them for expert advice.

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