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eyebrow piercing

Eyebrow piercings is a common piercing, and is considerably harmless as compared to the other types of piercings that are prevalent in modern times. This kind a piercing are seen just near the eyebrow, and sometimes even around the eyebrow. If you have recently pierced your eyebrow, it is very important that you keep some hygiene tips in mind, so that the eyebrow piercing heals faster and there is little chance of infection. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.


Eyebrow Piercings Care

Make sure that you wash your hands every time after and before you touch the ring. This will keep the ring free from any kinds of harmful bacteria and therefore infections. Try using some organic hand wash, to clean your hands before touching your eyebrows – this will minimize the risk of infection.

You should clean the ring at least three times a day, preferably with salt water. Make sure that the ring is clean and it is not exposed to any dust or pollutants. Remember that, eyebrow piercings can actually impact your career negatively since it’s not the norm. Before opting for this form of piercing, do online research to gather all the info you need, the variety, designs and the pros versus cons of having your eyebrow pierced.

Until the time the infection does not heal, do not use any kinds of makeup. Makeup is a haven for bacteria, and there is every chance that the piercing catches bacteria because of makeup. Keep away from any kinds of makeup until the piercing heals completely.

One can expose the piercing to bacteria underwater, or if they are in contact with water too. Therefore, do not go swimming and be careful about what kind of water you use for baths and shower until the infection heals completely.

Whether you have a ring or a barbell as your accessory for your eyebrow pierce, do not twist it or touch it without any reason. This will only irritate the piercing and may even result in an infection.  

While sleeping, keep in mind that you do not sleep on your belly. The constant contacts can irritate the piercing and the pillow is another haven for bacteria too. You could also increase the Vitamin C intake, so that the healing takes place faster, but you would need to contact your doctor about it first.

Finally, do not remove the eyebrow piercings jewelry, or change it a lot until the infection heals. If you change or remove the jewelry, there is every chance that the wound takes a longer time to heal, and there is a higher chance of infection of the wound too. In case of an infection consult a doctor right away, apply antibiotics and wait for the infection to heal.

Once the piercing heals, you can use a number of accessories, if the healing process goes well and if you like the piercing, you can also go for multiple eyebrow piercings across the eyebrow. In addition to multiple piercings, you can opt for variety, from the make of the stud in question to the design.

Shoddy eyebrow jewelry can lead to infections, or they could break down relatively quickly, proving to be a waste of money. Others may be improperly sized and can lead to an awkward look or some pain and discomfort.

So turn to a company with the experience and know how to produce the best jewelry around to ensure their safety, quality and comfort.

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