Diamond Nose Ring

Diamond Nose Rings Will Never  Go Out Of Style

Nose piercing is a very popular type of skin piercing, second only to piercing the earlobes.  Beginning in the 1980s and 1990s, teenagers in the Western world began expressing their individuality by wearing jewelry in their nose piercings.

Now, however, an increasing number of more mature people are also discovering there are few better ways of accenting their facial features.

Today, men and women of all ages want to adorn their faces with the perfect piece of nose jewelry.  Timeless, classic 22k gold diamond nose rings are one of the most popular styles but dozens of other choices are available.

You'll enjoy looking through all the beautiful designs, which range from subtle, completely demure styles to avant-garde, progressive designs.

There are so many materials, styles and designs you can use your nose ring to make a bold statement about living life on the wild side, but you can also be conservative and express yourself without offending anyone, even your employer.

Different Styles

The wide range of styles can, however, make it difficult to know which particular piece of nose jewelry you really want.

If you want to make a statement about your individuality, confidence and sense of style, nose rings are perfect, and more and more people are discovering the appeal of this ancient Indian tradition.

In India, nose piercing isn't just common, it's traditional and customary.  The nose jewelry worn there might be a beautiful, stylish nose screw or it might be a simple, unadorned gold nose stud.

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Finding a beautifully crafted and unique Indian-style nose ring or pin is uncommon in the Western market, but the highly skilled goldsmith at http://catalog.nose-piercings.com is more than up to the task.

22k gold diamond nose rings can be ideal for people in a variety of situations and can be worn wherever you go, including school, work and different social occasions.  If you're looking to make a simple statement of quiet refinement, beautiful 22k gold diamond nose rings are highly effective because they don't shout for attention.

Nose jewelry can be worn in the nostril, the septum or the bridge of the nose.  It's your choice, but no matter where your piercing is located, a variety of different types of nose jewelry is available.  Nose rings, studs, screws, barbells and assorted other styles are available, and you can get all of them in 22k gold.

The visible ends of the jewelry feature a design, bead, ball, crystal or even a high quality diamond. 

A Professional Approach

By the way, if you're considering a nose piercing, never have it done with a gun.  Instead, insist on a piercing needle.  Piercings with guns might be less expensive, but they can cause a world of problems, including infection, delayed healing and scarring.

Highly polished, nickel-free 22k gold diamond nose rings won't irritate your piercing the way some less expensive nose jewelry can.  22k gold is hypoallergenic and will not cause an uncomfortable, irritating and unsightly skin reaction the way cheap costume jewelry or lesser metals do in people who experience metal hypersensitivity.

It will also allow a new piercing to heal cleanly and more rapidly, because it places less strain on your body's immune system.

The prevention of uncomfortable and unsightly metal hypersensitivity is one of the main reasons to look for a reliable supplier for nose rings or any other type of jewelry to be worn in a piercing.  A highly experienced, reputable shop will steer you away from the cheap stuff that can cause skin irritation.

We offer many types of gold nose jewelry, including finely crafted 22k diamond nose rings.  The gold they use is nickel-free and hypoallergenic.  Although you can find less expensive nose jewelry, you won't find better quality or a more extensive selection of styles.  You'll be able to find nose rings featuring high quality, brilliant diamonds that provide beautiful sparkle no matter which size gem you select.

Our tasteful nose jewelry is also designed to be comfortable, featuring a unique design that allows the gem to sit low in its setting so that it lays flat against the side of your nose.

Simply put, their diamond nose rings are elegant and extremely well crafted, allowing you to showcase your individuality and style in comfort.

Nose rings are a time-honored way to accent your facial features, but despite their long history, they're glamorous, flattering and stylish.  Stay with high quality nose jewelry like a 22k gold diamond nose ring and you'll enjoy it for many years to come.

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