Diamond Nose Jewelry

Looking for more information about diamond nose jewelry? Among those who opt for nose piercing, there is a top tier of customers.

They are the people who view their piercing as a reflection of quality and sensuality.  For them, it is not the loud, cheap jewelry that is attractive.  Instead, they are the customers who seek jewelry that is designed to be both comfortable and beautiful.  And to reach that very top tier of quality, only diamond nose jewelry will satisfy their individuality.

The tradition of the diamond nose stud goes back to ancient Hindu practices of the virgin bride.  The bride would wear a nose ring up to the day of her wedding.  As she prepared for her wedding she would be dressed with a chain attaching it to her left ear or fastened into her hair.  Only her bridegroom could remove it on their wedding night.  And afterward, as a married woman, she would remove her nose ring and replace it with a diamond stud.

It does not matter what size diamond you can afford.  It is most important to look for high-quality, brilliant diamonds.  The best stones will reflect an exquisite sparkle no matter what size you choose.  There is no mistaking the look of a diamond for some other type of stone.

We utilize experienced craftsmen who create diamond nose jewelry with a unique design.  If you select one of our diamonds, it will be nested low in the setting.  And why is that important?  Because it guarantees that your stud will lie flat against your nose.

For the setting that will hold your diamond securely and yet display it to best advantage, we want you to remember, as mentioned elsewhere on this website, that we utilize gold of the highest quality.  We recommend 22k gold because it is the purest type available.  And our 22k gold is smooth, polished to a glowing luster, and totally free of nickel.  This is very important because nickel can irritate your skin.  In fact, nickel causes more skin irritations than any other metal.  Our gold will rest easily in your new piercing, so that your skin can heal easily without sensitivity or tenderness.

Then you must consider the diamond:  If you are choosing to have a beautiful diamond placed in that gold setting, what should you be looking for?  You want jewelry designs that will be suitable for work, for school, or for social occasions.  You want jewelry that whispers class rather than shouting for attention.  You're looking for something that is classic.

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, and they can be cut or polished only by other diamonds.  The word comes to us from the Greek ("adamas"), and it means unbreakable, unalterable, and untamed.  And it's true that your diamond will be a keepsake forever.

The most popular choices for diamond nose jewelry include both 3 and 5 point diamonds.  However, the diameter can be affected by the diamond's cut.  Those set in nose jewelry are cut a little differently than those set in rings in order to keep them low in the setting.  When you choose a 3 point diamond, it has a .03 carat weight, and it might measure approximately 2.0 mm in diameter or it can be somewhat larger.  A 5 point diamond is .05 carat weight, and an average cut stone measures 2.4 mm.  People also choose 1 and 2 point diamonds.

As you look at nose screws or pins created for wear just above the curve of the nostril, consider your nose shape and size; you want a diamond that will suit your style.  If you're hoping for a larger stone but your budget is limited, just remember that the allure of the brilliant diamond is in its sparkle and not its size.

A diamond nose pin will be an investment.  It doesn't matter whether you choose a tiny 1 point diamond, a larger size, or even a small arrangement.  Diamonds never lose their value, and the price of gold is always on the rise.  And because they are so hard, your selection will truly last forever.

But we aren't necessarily referring to a monetary investment; diamond nose pins are so delicate that they are really much more affordable than most people imagine.   Consider that your diamond nose jewelry might represent another kind of investment -an investment in your future:  Someday, you might pass it on to your daughter or daughter in law.

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