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Can I Use Nose Piercing Numbing Cream Before a Nose Piercing?

Can I Use Nose Piercing Numbing Cream Before a Nose Piercing?
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Answer 1

I don't recommend it, and here's why:

Since a piercing needle needs to pass through multiple layers of skin in addition to the first, numbing cream is ineffective.
Before inserting any metal objects, a qualified piercer will clean your nose on the inside and the outside (including any lotion you may have applied there).

The majority of individuals agree that getting a conventional nose piercing is one of the least painful procedures; nonetheless, it is never as terrible as you anticipate. It will very definitely already be over when you feel the discomfort.


Answer 2

I genuinely believe that the needle and the jewellery will pass through so quickly that you won't need it.

Nostrils, tongues, and yes, navels, are where your piercer makes money. This piercing is quite popular (but beautiful!). I'm thinking about getting one. In any case, you have no idea how many people's noses your piercer has adorned before you meet them.

You can anticipate watering eyes on that side. That isn't crying; rather, it's the peculiar facial nerves of the human body.

If you can endure getting a flu vaccine in the fall, I believe the nostril will heal much more quickly and you won't require the cream. That's my "not a piercer, have been pierced" perspective.

Answer 3

I suppose it would be acceptable to put some numbing cream into your nose before getting a piercing.

There are two things to think about: In order for numbing cream to work, it must be applied for a considerable amount of time—let's say 45 minutes—or the impact won't be particularly obvious.If it functions, it will only function flawlessly in the mucosa.

Also keep in mind that the piercing is completed quickly and with little to no pain.

I would advise applying a little piece of ice inside of your nose for a few minutes. This will create numbness for a short period of time before the piercing is performed.


Are there any recommendations for reducing pain?

Whatever way you cut it, piercings usually cause some discomfort. However, there are steps you can take to ensure the least amount of discomfort during your experience.

Saunders suggests against arriving on an empty stomach or after consuming a lot of caffeine as a start. Additionally, it's best to refrain from consuming any alcohol before.

His wisest counsel? Keep your cool, take a deep breath, and pay attention to what the piercer says.

What about numbing agents?

Since numbing gels, ointments, and sprays are ineffective, the APP advises against using them.

Saunders further claims that many businesses have rules against piercing clients who have used numbing agents out of concern for an allergic reaction to a substance they did not apply.

"Nearly all reputable professional piercers advise against the use of topical anaesthetics for piercing," he continues.

How bad is it hurting?

According to Jef Saunders, head of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), piercers frequently relate the discomfort to getting their eyebrows waxed or getting a shot.

"The pain itself is a combination of mild sharpness and pressure, but it is over extremely quickly," he says.

How long does the discomfort last?

Most piercings, according to Saunders, take less than one second to complete when performed by a qualified piercer.

According to Saunders, you might experience some little soreness in the days that follow, but it's usually so minor that you won't feel it unless you bump your nose while going about your daily business.

Does one type of nose piercing pain more than another?

According to Saunders, there are generally three different types of nose piercings:

traditional nostril piercing
center placement septum piercings
high nostril piercings

"The traditional nostril and septum piercings tend to be very easy to receive and heal," he says.

On the other side, high nostril piercings can be a little more painful and frequently swell for a week to a month. Because of this, they are typically only suggested for those who have previous experience getting and caring for body piercings.


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