Your website is a real "gem"

Thank you so much for the info you provide. I had my nose pierced on Nov. 30, 2011 and I stupidly did no research. As a result I did everything wrong. The "piercer" used a piercing gun and used a stud I didn't like. She assured me I could take the stud out in 2 DAYS and change it to a smaller stud that I paid $5 for (so obviously the metal wasn't high grade). As for care instructions all she said was turn the stud. Well 2 days later I just had a feeling I shouldn't try to take it out. Instead I searched the web and came across your website where I found great info on every aspect of piercing. I quickly found a piercer in Costa Mesa CA (would love to post the name but it's against the rules) and the Professional Piercer helped me out soooo much and I now have the stud I wanted and it's healing up really well. Fyi, when she took out the stud I initially had, it was in so tight it created a deep dent or pit in my nose with a black ring around it. Thankfully the pit went away after a couple of days and the black ring is fading.

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