Worm like thing coming out of my piercing, is this normal?

by Catastrophe^~^

I live in australia and I've had my nose pierced for almost 6 months now. I've had this clear plastic nose stud in for school for over a month and I just took it out to put my nose screw in like I did last weekend. Anyway, I was cleaning the nose screw and I noticed this worm like thing poking out of my piercing, so I pulled on it and it broke, so I got my tweezers out and pulled as much of it out as I could, it was almost an inch long~ it was bleeding but my piercing wasnt bleeding and it doesn't hurt. I put my nose screw in and I'm fine, should I see a doctor about this in case it was a vein or something? PLEEEAAASE HELP, I'm really freaking out! D:

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