Wife forcing me to pierce my nose

I got lovely nose after my marriage my wife got interest in playing with my nose some times she use to place nose ring in my nose and use to take photo one day my sil saw my photo woth nose ring and said it looks so attractive on hearing this my wife started asking me toget my nose pierced after 4 months of her request atlast i said ok on that night she bought one small nose stud and kept near my nose and said its more matching i said go a head with great interest she pierced my nose and fixed the stud and she showers lot of kiss on my stud and on next day my sil saw my nose stud and said its looking very matching but other side looking more emptyso i said you can pierce my other side nose imediately she removed her nose stud and pierced my nose and fixed her nose stud on my nose and said now iam her most lovable uncle

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