Very Concerned......

I got my nose pierced for about two weeks I was impatient and wanted to switch my ring which I should have done more research on because the ring did not fit my nose. Needless to say my hole grew back. I waiting a month and re pierced it with a 10k gold ring. I see in some other answers that wasnt good because the 10k has too many different kind of cheap metals that can cause a reaction. Anyways I had the piercing for about three months and it had an angry red around it almost constantly. I finally took it out for good about a week ago the hole itself seems to be healing right but i still have that angry red all around where the piercing was and its just a little lifted like if it were swollen. I try to keep it clean and make sure I dont pick or irritate it. When will that clear up to normal or will it????? Thank you for your help

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