Two things : Can i wear my nose piercing without a backing? & what can i do to prevent it from sinking?

by Charlotte

So i just got my nose pierced today and its really sore :( and it bled when i first did because i flinched and the gun pulled but i have a belly button piercing and its practically healed now & 3 ear piercings, however recently i had gotten a fourth ear piercing and it sank down and was really painful so i had to take it out and well my nose piercing, the stud doesnt have a back but its fitted fairly well so i dont think it will fall out, il put a plaster over it before i go to sleep, is that ok?

and also , are there anyways i can prevent it from sinking, its a gold piercing earring that was used, i have to change to the actual little silver nose one but im not sure i want too..

Thanks soo muchh!

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