two besari for boy

Naan 3 vayasu irrukum pothu enaku 2 kaathum 2 mookum kuthinaanga enaku appo onrum theriyaathu enaku 6 vayasu agum pothu en ammavidam enaku mattum yetharku mookuthi pottenga naan ponnu illaiye entha payanum mookuthi podaveillaiye enren appo amma engal veetil naan thaan lasta poranthathaal en mooku eppavum mookuthiyodu irrukanuma chinna vayasule kuthitaa naan thadukamudiyaathunu sonaanga so athaan en mookil 2 besari mookuthi potathaaga sonaanga appa naan intha mookuthiya kazatakoodaathaanu keten atharkukagathaan en mookuthiya kazatamudaayathapadi potutathaal en mooku intha mookuthiyodu irrukumam ennai paarkum ponnuellaam en ennai paarthu kindhal pannuvaanga silla pengal en mookai thotu paarthu nee ponnu mathiri irruke enaku mapillaiya variya en ponnuku mookuthi potavan husbandun solikuven enraargal enaku enoda mookuthi romba pidichupochu

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