Tricked Piercing by Mom

by Lakshmi

When I was studying in college, I has been asked by my mom to get my nose pierced as it is not good being empty nose.But I didnt hear her words and keep on postponding it. A week back my mom took this issue to my dad and fighted saying no one is obeying her words. My dad called me and asked me to get my nose pierced as I am reaching marriage age. He also ordered I have get it done tomorrow itself. Saying this he went out that night. I cannot talk against my dad because I fear a lot.
Next day morning my mom waked me by 6am and asked me to get ready soon as I need to get pierced between 9 to 10.30 (nalla neram). She also asked me to get head bath.Wit lot of nervousness I waked up,had my bath and weared a chudi. Lastly I saw my face without any nose pins. Seeing me wearing chudi my mom shouted and asked me to wear sarree as wearing sarree while nose piercing will be good. She gave me a pink color pattu sarree which I have to wear and she went to kitchen. I drapped the sarree and came down. She combed my hair, kept jasmine flower and also made me wear payals. She decorated me as girl waiting for groom seeing function. By 8'45 we started from our house in a auto rickshaw and reached a jewellery shop by 9.10. She took me inside and asked for nose pins. She also enquired whether the shop has goldsmith to do mokku kuthu. Soon the sales men said yes and gave a smile seeing me. I was feeling humilated. Within few minutes my mom selected a pair of medium size mookuthi and hurried to put bill soon as piercing has to be completed before 10.30. After billing the sales boy took us to the achari who

was residing upstairs inside the shop. My mom took the nose pins and asked him to do nose piercing for me. She also added to do piercing painfully. My hear starting to beat double the normal and I was about to cry. Seeing this my mom pinched me and asked me to cooperate as it is my dads order. She asked the goldsmith to start the process. He then marked the spot to be pierced, took a needle heated it in flame and screwed over the nose pin and took it to position over the marked spot. I closed my eyes in fear. With a single gush he pierced my tender nose and made me cry. Soon he twisted my nose and screwed it tightly. With tears I got up but my pushed me to down saying it is not over. I cannot understand for what she is saying so. She told me that my dad has asked to do nose piercing on both sides. I was not able to talk back. The other side was pierced and I was made to wear nose pins both side. With head down I walked behind my mom covering my nose with kerchief. I was crying badly. She then took me to photo studio to take photo. She asked me to stop crying as it will spoil the photo. I went eagerly to see my fce in mirror but she restricted not to see. She gave me a touch up and took photos in various angle. I was standing there without real happiness.

From there we went to temple and was back home by 12.45. She then bought a mirror and showed my face. I was not able to recognise whether it was me.

Soon my dad returned back and asked my mom that she has done both sides nose piercing for me eh? Then only i learned my mom has tricked me. La

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