Traditional one was mines

by Sonali

My father was in militry so we use to our hometown after 2 to 3 years where my mothers sister was there who got married to my fathers bro .So here starts my story I was in class 1st when i got my ear pierced nearly 5 years old when i got my ear pierced so when we went to our home town after 2 years we stayed there afther few hours when we were served the food after that we sat there all the males went to the filled my mothers sister started the discussion by touching my earrings she said nice earring when u got her ear pierced my mother said 2years ago she said then are u not piercing her nose my i got stunned and said i will not ..My mother interfeared and said we will pierce her after few years then she said pierce it now other wise she will not let u do it after she grow up my mother neglated it.After we went back my father got posted to maharastra when we got shifted in 1month .My mother went to our new school to get us admited she saw that 80% girls in my class have nosepierced .When i went back home she asked me how many girls have there nosepierced i answered . Then i asked why she said that we are piercing ur nose i started scheremeing and crying as i dont like it .That night she talked to my father .He said she is ur daughter do want u want then next day she asked me to put an leave then she took me to a jewellary shop she said something to the owner he smiled and and made me sit on the seat he pulled my hair and holded my chick and asked my mother for stud or ring my mother said she not having anything .Then after sometime she said take out ear ring and insert it in the nose .When i heard that i started crying my mother in that time removed my earring and the jewellar inserted the ring in my nose and closed it and gave my mother an liquid to her and asked to wash it regularly my earring which was in my nose was big and there was a tittle pandant in it so it was giving an odd look.After coming home my mother removed my other earring too and inserted brnom stick i asked my mother why u did so she said it is must for an indian girl to insert something nose so that u will not get mistraced in futureg

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