The words of astrologer

by Jayashankari

When I was 16 years old suddenly my father buisiness got dull and he got a heavy loss.To make up the loss he went to bombay for 6 months contract.I have a younger sister too. My mother have a great belief in astrology.So as soon my dad left she called up our family astrologer and gave all four family members astrology.He studied everyone's astro for sometimes.Then he concluded that everyone astro is good expect mine.He said it is due to me my father got a heavy loss and also said if not rectified properly the family may face severe poverty.

My mom asked what to do further? She asked for some pariharam.He asked me to come front.He enquired why they dint do nose piercing for me? Actually as soon as I reached puberty my mom peruaded me to go for nose piercing but I was totally against it and finally she gave up.So she narrated this to him.With a smile he said that is for good and asked us to leave the place as he wanna say something to my mom.So we left the place.That time also I dint get any doubt.

My mom purchased me a silk saree and asked me to go to tailor to give blouse measurement. I asked why and she said it is for pongal.That time also I dint smell anything wrong as it is few days left for pongal.

Next day itself the tailor stiched me the blouse for me as it was asked by my mom itseems.My mom went for shopping and came,but she dint show anything to us.I astonished by her behaviour I dont know what is going on.

On thursday evening she asked me and my sister to put leave for school tomorrow.We asked for what? She said we are going to temple for the family welfare as astrologer has said to go.So as usual we both waked up and started to get ready but suddenly mom said the plan is cancelled and said some reasons.She also told us not to go to school.

After having lunch she asked me to get ready wearing

the new silk saree.I got a hugesome from her when I asked why.I got ready wearing all gold ornaments which my mom gave.Then I saw my grandma,aunty,mami arriving at our place.I was happy to see them and was talking with them happily.My grandma asked whether I know for what purpose they are here? I said NO.. Then she said they are here to perform nose piercing for me double side.I blinked for a moment.I was trapped very nicely by mom.Then I started crying.My mom said that the astrologer has adviced to do this for bad times in the family which was due to my astro.None of them in my family has double side nose pierced.I bursted out crying imagining how I can go to school with double nose studs,how to face people around.

A door bell rang.The goldsmith has come to do nose piercing for me.My mom asked me to wash my face and get ready.My mammi took me inside and tried consoling me.Then I was dressed up and was made to sit in a wooden plank decorated with kollam in front and also a kutthu vellaku was lightened as said by the astrologer.

The piercer inspected my nose and said the nose is tender so asked me not to fear as it wont pain that much.My grandma marked the area to be pierced.I can see two small nose pins kept aside.The piercer put some small tool inside the nose pin and asked me not to shake else it may messs up.In single force he inserted the nose pin and screwed it tightly.The other side also pierced in a same way.Now two nose studs are arranged on my little nose.It was paining for me badly.

Then my mom paid the goldsmith and he left the place.I asked mom whether it should lie in my nose permanently or what.My granma said I was looking cute with two nose pins.I too felt the same.Even though I dont wanna do that but it suited me so well.

when I went to school my friends laughed at me.Afterwards I got used up and try to accept it.

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