Super annoying, please read.

I've had my nose pierced for a few weeks now, and it's an "L" shaped nose stud. I have to keep on twisting and messing with the stud because the tail of the piercing keeps sticking out my nose and making it look like I have a silver booger. Not attractive in the least bit. I was wondering if there's anything I can do to keep this from happening, or if I might have let the hole close and get a new piercing.

And to anyone that might read this and is thinking about getting your nose pierced, do it. It's super cool, and if you clean it like your suspossed to, your soreness is virtually nothing. Your piercing may be a little red and sore at first, but it's totally worth it. But, all experiences are special, but that's just my observation.

The pain level of getting pierced on a scale of one to then is nothing more than a two, just make sure you have a good piercing shop that knows what they're doing. I wasn't in the shop for more than 5 mintues, that's how short the process is.

I'd love an answer to my question, if anyone knows, and have a great day!

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