small boy with nose pierced

I saw a small north indian boy with rings on both nose he may be 8 i got photo and showed to my sil she asked me are you want to pierce your nose i said yes with shy she showed her extra nose stud kept idle in her cupboard and said she herself will pierce my nose and i can wear i asked iam 15 year guy how its possible she said she will deal every one in my family on hearing her words my mind said go for it than i said iam ready immediately she took a rope and tied my hands back and took a chewing needle and pierced my right nose and inserted the stud along with needle and tightened the inner thread with dipping in feviquick i asked why u dipped in fevi quick she replied from now my self and u will be with nose stud all time on hearing this i asked during my marriage how i will manage and how my coming wife will allow she said that and all i can manage she took me to hall without untying my hands i felt shy to see my mom on seeing me with nose stud my said from now i wont do any mischief its like punishment for me and mom praised my sil for piercing my nose and made house arrest from that i never went outside for hole summer and started helping my sil for all house works and she cared me like her son we both started discussing about nose piercing stories of herself and her relations with makes me for comfort one day sister came to see her that time iam sleeping in her bedroom my sil showed my nose with stud she flipped my nose wings and soundly laughed and said iam very sexy and wants to love me on hearing her words my mind started flying i slowly oped my eyes with shy she pinched nose and said dont be shy i wont make fun i really like your attire on hearing her words i saw my sil and said thanks

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