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Should I get my nose pierced?

by Jen

Answer 1
You have not mentioned anything about you. However, nose piercing is for anyone and everyone without gender or age discrimination. It is a most modern and latest trend prevailing throughout the world.

Double nostrils piercings are fast spreading fashion among all people. You can have both nostrils pierced and have tiny cute studs or rings,initially to start with . If you wish you can continue it , otherwise you can continue with one side. Which side, is purely your option.

Go ahead without any hesitation. Among all body piercings, ear and nose stand in first option. Do it immediately, wish you all the best.

Answer 2

It will most likely hurt a little more than getting your earlobes done, but it also depends. If you're going for the earring gun method, it will hurt considerably more and you'll have pain for longer afterwards. If you go to a proper piercer, it shouldn't be more than a sharp pinch, and of course it will be sore for a while (but not as much as it would be if you had gotten it done with a gun).
Personally, I think nose piercings are one of those piercings that look good on anyone. You'd look good.
It depends on how strict your school dress code is. Where I go to school, facial piercings aren't an issue at all, but I know schools vary a lot on policies. With a new piercing, removing and inserting new jewelry is not good for the piercing, and you definitely can't leave a fresh piercing without jewelry for an hour. It will close up. If your school does not allow piercings, I recommend getting clear jewelry and keeping it in until the piercing is healed enough to switch out the jewelry without causing irritation. I know it's tempting to have nice jewelry in immediately.

Answer 3

I think you should go for it!!!

People with nose piercing look great, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your nose piercing.

I definitely don’t have a nose piercing but I do want one.

I asked my dad if I can have one but he told me there gross because of all the snot and the infections.

And when I asked my mom, she told me I can do whatever I want to my body until I’m 18. So from both parents it’s a hell no, but I totally respect their decisions.

I don’t know if a nose piercing will make me look good but I think it gives off a baddy type of look which I love.

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