Septum ring chained couple

by Babuji
(Bangalore, India)

I started my first piercing at the age of 15. When I completed my school final I was having 5 piercing s in various unused parts of body.

I was very much fetish over nose piercing and nose rings. More over I was interested in body piercing.

When I was married my wife was having left nose piercing only. I insisted on my wife to pierced her right nostril and septum.

But she was fear of piercing pain she wat not willing to get the piercing. l repeatedly requesting her to pierced her nose.

Infact i was mad of piercing. After several years she unwittingly accepted my request.

Since septum piercing will not easily be visible she agreed to pierced her septum.

I myself pierced her septum with a sewing needle. I used a black thread so that it will not be easily visible to others,

I placed the needle at the exact spot and pressed it. The needle passed through the septum and came to other side. It was painful to her and tears came out from her eyes.

I pulled out the needle with thread and thread was hanging on either side of septum. I put a knot on either side of thread so that the thread will not come out from piercing

I asked her to keep either ends of thread into either nostril so that the threat will not be visible to others.

After a few weeks the piercing completely cured off. She was able to put ring in her new septum piercing.

I put a small ring in my septum piercing which I was already having. I connected both of our rings with a gold chain so that we will remain together all the time.
We both enjoyed our septum rings chained


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