Septum ring and sex

by Babujji

Long back I read from monthly magazine that septum ring and sex are interrelated.

Septum piercing increases sexual power and vigour for both men and women. Wearing silver or gold ring increases sexual power of a man. Hard erection and delayed ejaculation are experienced by men.

When I read this I didn't believe this and I had strong doubt about this. I didn't give much importance to this.
I practically forgot about this.

Some time later I felt some problem in my erection. Erection could not be maintained during sex.

Immediately septum ring flashed in my mind. Even though I was sceptic about septum my mind told why should not I try this.

I pierced my septum with a sewing needle and inserted a thick into it. It took a few days for healing. After complete healing I put a tiny gold ring close to septum.

The ring was not easily visible by others. After a few weeks the magic occurred. YES, I could maintain hard erection during sex.

I informed about this to some of my close relatives and friends. They also sceptic about this and few of the made y an attempt, as it costs nothing.

Most of them made positive report, except one or two. When I enquired these two people they told that they were not wearing the ring regularly.

Even wearing the ring night time only makes good result

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