Sensitive skin, sketchy piercer?

by Jamielynn(:

So, I'm 13 and a half and I'm getting my nose pierced tomorrow! I've done lots of online research because my friend was getting one too(she just got hers) and helped her pick out Smokin' Tattooz in Kent, Ohio. It looks very clean and sterile, but she said the piercer marked her nose and she didnt get to approve of the spot, that he was friendly but very antisocial, the size of a house and terrifying, he picked out her jewelry, he didnt give her after care instructions, immediately after the piercing he said "thirty five bucks" and thats it. The WORST thing he did was not say a thing about procedure and just randomly shove a needle through her nose. This is the only place around that will pierce me at 13 and i want it so bad..but it kinda scares me. so two questions. One, is it worth it? my friend said she liked the way he did things so maybe i'm exaggerating..and two, i have sensitive, oily skin..there's a few black heads on the crease of my nostril where i want to be pierced. Will that put me at a bigger risk for infection??? thanks for all your help!!!(: also, if you can give me any tips to calm me down that'd be great too..i'm really nervous and have a low pain tolerance.

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