Ripped out nose stud

by Neels
(Western Australia)

Question: I really need help please !!! I had my nose pierced early December. 4days after my new piercing I accadently knock it out it, it was never the same after that my nose was swallowed for a while and after the swelling went down I had the most horrible red bump around my piercing. I've tried everything from sea salt mix to peroxide. On the end I went back to my piercer were he told me I have an allergic reaction to gold. He changed my gold stud to a silver one, the redness disappeared and bump got smaller but never completely went away. I'm now only using sea salt to keep it clan.. And then The WORST thing ever happened I've ripped it out by accident it bleed though luckily not much. I've straight away clean my nose & stud with sea salt salution I've put my stud back in which was very easy and not painful, but now I have a tiny torn in my skin just next to my piercing , I have my piercing now just over 2months, will my piercing heal after all the abuse and how long will it take for the torn in my skin to heal. I really DONT want to take it out permanently I love my nose stud is there any hope for me ? Sigh :'(

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