by Rani

I wish I had real ones

I wish I had real ones

Oh yes, I am a male. Yet I pierced my nose ...myself. Though it pained a lot and I got tears in my eyes, still I enjoyed it. I initially kept inserted very fine steel wire and thereafter neem leaf's stem. I was doing it before going to sleep everynight so that at least it was there for 8 to 9 hours or even more...... During the daytime I use to remove it, but again inserted it whenever I was alone. Though some redness was there, but nobody took notice of that, or even they might have noticed, they never told me. initially,I was enjoying the piercing itself... with the neem stem through my left nostril. I was dreaming like a girl having her nostril pierced.
Meanwhile I purchased many nose studs of various designs with wire attached... all imitations. Then came the day when I purchased a real ... golden nose stud with a small stone...looking absolutely beautiful. I just loved it and wearing it whenever I was getting the chance...and ofcourse every night while sleeping. but one day I lost it. ... Then I decided to go for a nose ring. The ready made available in jewelry shop were heavy, not suitable for the fine hole in my left nostril. So I got it made personally for me which was thin, yet quite beautiful. I am still using it. My piercing is totally healed and I have no problem in wearing my nose ring whenever I want. The piercing is very small and not noticeable. Those who might have noticed it are use to it now, and they never say anything about it.
I have many fascinations. one of that is some girl should remove her nose ring in front of me and give to me to wear it ... rather she herself should put her nose ring in my nose with her beautiful hands, .... and .... her anklets too!!.... yes,if possible... all her accessories ... her earrings, her bangles, even her bra and panty, her heels, ... whatever possible. My fantasy is to have real boobs whenever I want .... temporarily .... as long as I wanted to enjoy it ...and then be normal as I am ... something like magic.

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