Question! Need Answers!

by Kayla
(North Carolina)

I got my nose pierced 4 years ago. I've had a stud in that whole time. I recently put in a hoop (maybe a week ago, not even a week) and had no problems. It was a little red but went away fast. I bought a new hoop and tried putting it in last night, but couldn't find the whole inside. I went to the tattoo/piercing shop (not even an hour or trying to put this hoop in) and the guy said my hole has closed up inside. Can it really close up that fast?? Or is it just so irritated that I can wait for it to heal and put back in? He said I need to wait 2 weeks to get it pierced again. Its just crazy that it closed up that fast when its been there for 4 years!

Also, for those who have re pierced their nose in the same spot, I would like to hear your experience! What should I do??!!!

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